Churros is an Italian dessert that loves the whole world! Two master classes from the chef!

It happens that sometimes you want a dessert, but in order not to be too sweet, not too long, not too complicated ... There is no such thing, you say?
The Spanish know this recipe and use it everywhere. Churros (or churro) is a traditional Spanish dessert made from choux pastry, which is either fried or deep-fried, or baked (easier option).

They are breathtakingly airy, tender and very tasty. But the most interesting thing is that you decide their taste ...

How can you not be seduced and not try!

Recipe number 1. For the oven

If in Italy, tiramisu, panna cotta and others share the palm of dessert, then churros in Spain is truly a dessert at every step. Those who were in Spain say that they sell it on the street in mobile points, in cafes, restaurants; Both adults and children eat it.


Water - 250 ml.
Butter - 110 gr.
Flour - 150 gr.
Eggs - 3 pcs.
Sugar - 1 tbsp. + 50 gr.
Cinnamon - 1 tbsp.


As I have already said, it is based on choux dough; it is made easier than it seems. The main thing is to comply with the technology. To begin with, melt the butter and water over medium heat until homogeneous.

As soon as we got a homogeneous mass, we fall asleep flour. The most convenient way will be to wield a silicone spatula, by the way, I generally strongly recommend purchasing it, be surprised how much it helps. Cover the flour and mix well, make sure that the flour is completely mixed with butter, without lumps. After a minute or two, the dough will begin to roll into the bowl, continue to stir it until it becomes completely smooth, and a film begins to form on the walls of the saucepan.

Remove the dough from the heat (allow 3-5 minutes to cool) and add eggs one by one. Eggs in hot dough can start rolling up, so either stir well and quickly (especially the first egg), or wait for the dough to cool for 5 minutes, but a little longer. At first, the mixture will begin to delaminate, do not worry, just mix well with a spatula. Got a homogeneous mass, add the following egg. At the very end - a spoon of sugar.

Ready dough is best to shift into a pastry bag.Take the nozzle "an asterisk" - this is a classic, later you will understand why it is. If the nozzle is not - use a round. If there is no pastry bag - take any food bag and cut the corner. The easiest way to put the dough into the bag is by wrapping it around the neck of the glass.

On the parchment, crochet long strips of dough. You can do in the form of a horseshoe - also a characteristic form of churros.

Bake at 200 degrees for 12-15 minutes. Until such time as the stripes will be golden. While the first batch is baked - prepare a wide plate with sides, mix 50 grams of sugar and a spoon or two of cinnamon in it. Here you can use any spices, both sweet and sharp. As soon as you take out churros - immediately roll each in a sugar mixture and let it cool down completely.

When the churros are slightly cooled, they can be served. Often they are eaten with some sauces - chocolate, fruit jams, berry jams and so on. The dessert is very simple, fast and tasty. These are not the eclairs we are used to, because the sticks are rather thin, they are not empty inside, but soft. While that outside is a good baked crust.

Here, for the sauce, I melted the floor of a bar of chocolate in a couple spoons of milk in the microwave. Simple, fast and tasty!

Recipe number 2. For deep fat

Dessert from Spain - churros. I already did it, but at that time it was a gentle easy entry, we did it in the oven and many said that they did not have that charm. Of course, the oven will never give the same effect as a classic deep fryer. So today we make real churros - a Spanish dessert from a custard batter.

As a joke, you can call out undeclarers, they have no filling, but outwardly they are quite similar, and the dough is choux and so here too. Churroses are good because they are quick and easy to cook. Make as much dough as you like, spend 6 minutes. Then the dough will rest in the fridge and you can begin to fry. This is another 15 minutes and you have a whole mountain of small choux pastries.

They are breathtakingly airy, tender and very tasty. But the most interesting thing is that you decide their taste.

We start with sprinkling - someone wants to drown them in powdered sugar, while others only lightly scatter fine sugar. Fans of cinnamon will arrange spicy gatherings, and someone will be attracted to the option with salt or hot pepper.

And when you play enough, use heavy artillery - sauces! Churros are perfectly friends with everything, from caramel and melted chocolate, to more complex Kurds, custards and other things. If you want, you can even cover them with donut icing.


Flour - 325 g
Sugar - 40
Water - 450 g
Olive oil - 60 g


Combine water (450 g) and olive oil (60 g) in a small saucepan. Of course, you can take any vegetable, but let's do delicious. Put on the fire and bring to a light boil.

At this time in the bowl of a mixer we combine the flour (325 g), sugar (40 g) and a pinch of salt. By the way, you can replace some of the flour (50-70 g) with cocoa, but this is for future variations.

Prepare a bag and nozzle. I have an open star, 6 rays, diameter 14 mm. In principle, you can simply cut off the spout of the bag, but then the shape will be slightly different.

When the liquid begins to boil, gently push it into the flour mixture, turning the mixer on at medium speed. Gradually it will be possible to increase it.

You should have a smooth smooth dough. It will still be warm. Beat a total of 3-5 minutes, this should be enough.The main thing for us is to make the dough smooth.

Transfer to bag.

Store in the refrigerator for about 30-40 minutes. It is better to slightly slacken the bag, so that the dough quickly cooled and rested.

Prepare vegetable oil without a smell. Here it is better or very narrow stewpan with high walls, or already wide frying pan. Because we will lower the blanks into the oil 10-14 cm and they should not be closely. It took me 800 g of oil.

Heat it to about 180 degrees. Pull out of the bag blanks voiced length and cut with scissors. The billet falls into butter and starts to bake. After half a minute, you can do another one.
It is important to catch the correct temperature of the oil. If it's low, you'll get tired of waiting, if it's high, it's fried outside, and inside it's damp, so at the beginning, better check this point.

Put the finished churros on a paper napkin and immediately sprinkle with fine sugar. You can add cinnamon and other spices. In fact, the taste is exactly what we sprinkle cakes.

Churros ready! But you can store them in a sealed, dry place for a day.

It is ideal to serve them with sauce. Caramel, hot chocolate, berry jam and so on.

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