Christmas tree pendant

Recently, I decided to make wire jewelry. Then I caught sight of gold beads to decorate the tree. Without thinking twice, I decided to combine it in one pendant. After all, you can later and more expensively buy materials, but you can find out whether the color and the texture of the material are suitable for you by working out on cheaper materials. So, I took a coil of 1.5 mm wire for 20 mm in the Pencil store UAH, a little thin copper wire from the old engine, and gold beads for the Christmas tree meter 3 UAH .. Well, the meter chain for 6 UAH, since it is sold only for meters. First of all, to shape the pendant, I wrapped 10cm wire around the handle of the openers, cut with wire cutters and bent the tip with a round-nosed end.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:41 / Views: 41473

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