Choosing your business

People started to sew clothes and earn a living for a long time. It is quite difficult to make any changes to the traditional algorithm for the development of this business. But following all the recommendations does not guarantee the irreversibility of success. It is a creative idea, the happy owner of which you will become, that will allow you to feel the demand in this super-saturated market and organize your own sewing production.

If you start searching for this idea and actually study supply and demand, you don’t have to sit under an apple tree and wait for your apple to fall. A random event plus fantasy can help. Throwing out the next, recently purchased jeans of your children, you come to the idea that they can be used - to sew the original rug, bag, bandanna, some souvenirs. You are a thrifty housewife, but children grow up so quickly, and the transmission by inheritance, unfortunately, is excluded - the number of patches has reached the limit. Everything can remain on the narrow-family level. But additional investments will help create your own (albeit small) sewing enterprise. When home stocks of raw materials are exhausted, try to organize a collection point.This is too slow a path, some will say, but not one famous fashion designer has passed it.

Does water flow under a still stone?

Want faster - please. Develop a business plan. Provide it financially. Let sewing souvenirs will be one of the directions, if it's a pity to part. Choose a specialization, perhaps it will be sewing T-shirts with logos. Purchase fabrics, rent a room, invite cutters, seamstresses, designers, study the popular “Quick Guide ...”, open an online store, arrange sales - in a word, dare.

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