Choosing the right perfume for yourself and a loved one

Perfume is much more than just a pleasant scent. This is a way to express yourself, attract attention to yourself, be remembered by others. They can talk about their mistress much more than any clothing. Even the character of a person can be identified by the smell of perfume. Without them, any outfit will seem unfinished. After all, not only clothes and accessories are very important for creating a perfect image, but also a correctly chosen perfume.

You should enjoy the aroma

Without perfume, any woman feels herself naked and imperceptible, but it is worth putting only a drop of fragrant substance, as the beauty of a woman begins to bloom like a spring flower. The smell of perfume can not leave anyone indifferent and will surely cause completely different emotions in your interlocutor.

The influence of various flavors on the human subconscious is very large. They can lift your spirits or, on the contrary, calm you down, they can excite, enchant, attract and even cause desire. But there is another side to the coin.

Improperly chosen perfume can push away, cause disgust and even badly affect your well-being.

Therefore, it is very important to learn how to choose your fragrance correctly. And here a natural question arises, how to choose the perfume that is ideal for you?

Secrets of choice

To begin with, remember that when choosing a perfume, it is not only the fragrance itself that matters, but also the time, place of purchase and even your mood.

If you decide to acquire new perfumes, then give it at least a few days, as the process of choosing the right flavor does not suffer haste, and the whole charm of the new smell is revealed gradually in notes, and may appear several hours after the application of perfume to the skin.

So, what are the rules to follow?

On the day when you decided to buy a bottle of new perfume, it is better to abandon your usual means: deodorant, toilet water, various body lotions, etc. Since their smell will be mixed with the new flavor, and you will not be able to properly feel all its charm.

  1. In no case is it worth buying perfume on the market or in the underpass.Firstly, in such crowded places with a huge amount of extraneous odors, you will never feel the smell of perfume. And, secondly, the quality of these funds leaves much to be desired. Real, good perfumes in such places are not sold. Therefore, if you want to please yourself with new high-quality perfumes, it is better to go to specialty stores. There they will advise you on what to pay attention to, and will tell you what new perfumes are.
  2. The best time to choose a perfume is morning. It is at this time that our sense of smell is most sensitive to all odors. By the end of the day, our receptors begin to tire of a huge amount of various stimuli, and we will not be able to feel the new flavor.
  3. You shouldn’t sniff more than three flavors at a time, because with each new perfume your nose will smell less and less and you just won’t be able to discern what you like. In order for your olfactory receptors to be susceptible to odors, after each sample of the new flavor, coffee beans should be sniffed.
  4. How to actually test new perfumes? Do not sniff the bottle cap at all.Thus, you will never know the true smell of perfume, because you feel only the top note, which quickly disappears. In order to choose the right fragrance you need to put a drop of perfume on a paper strip. If you like this smell, put some perfume on your wrist. Do not rush to buy your favorite perfume. In order to feel all its aroma it is necessary to smell it throughout the whole day, because, eroding, the spirits open their whole heart before us. Take a fragrant paper strip to your home, and periodically sniff it, as well as your wrist. When interacting with the skin and the warmth of your body, the smell of perfume can change significantly. If you woke up in the morning, and you still like the smell of perfume, then you can unconditionally buy this perfume.
  5. Also, how we perceive new smells affects our mood. Therefore, a new fragrance should be chosen when you are in a calm, balanced state.
  6. An important role in choosing a perfume that will organically fit into your image is also the color of your hair. Very often, we subconsciously associate the smell of perfume with a person's appearance. And if they do not converge, then we have a controversial judgment about this person.So, for example, burning brunettes are most suited to intoxicating, spicy smells. And on gentle blondes they will somehow feel unorganized and irrelevant. For them fresher, pure aromas will approach. But the redheads of the fair sex is better to buy perfumes with a strong, bright smell, in which there are fresh, fascinating notes. This fragrance should correspond to the fiery nature of a woman. For brown-haired women it is better to choose a perfume with a floral scent.

But this does not mean that you should always adhere to this rule. The main thing is that your fragrance matches your character.

And what else?

For strong, self-confident women it is better to choose the same strong, bright perfume, a little bit like men's. Oriental scents are ideal for the sultry beauties. And for gentle and romantic natures - fruit and flower smells.

It is also worth remembering that no matter how good your perfume is, you should know when to apply it.

Strong smell is not always good. Just drop a few drops to the right places, and you surround yourself all day long with a halo of pleasant aroma.It is best suited for this part of the skin where you can feel the heartbeat - it is the wrist, neck, ear lobe, as well as the folds of the arms and legs.

Find your hard

You should know that not all flavors will be appropriate at different times of the day. For example, spicy smells during the day in a stuffy office will only annoy others, but in the evening they will be very useful. Therefore, the work is better smothered with unobtrusive fresh perfume. But going on a date is best to use fruit flavors. They will make of you an appetizing and desirable fruit for enjoyment. No man can resist you.

So when choosing a perfume should not be limited to only one option from a huge number of different smells.

Do not forget about the strong field

So, we have already learned how to choose the right perfume. But how to choose a good fragrance for a man?

This is not an easy task. After all, when you buy your perfume, you can clearly feel whether you like this smell or not. And to predict the reaction of another person to a new flavor is rather difficult. But nothing is impossible for you. You want to please your loved one with a fragrant gift? To do this, you just need to follow certain rules.

When choosing men's perfumes, you should be guided by the same rules that you used when selecting your fragrance.

  1. For men, not a beautiful bottle and a well-known brand is of great importance, but, first of all, the ability of spirits to emphasize its masculinity. Therefore, when buying a new fragrance, you should not chase fashion and listen to advertising. It is better to choose such a perfume for your beloved, in which there will always be woody notes, the smell of grass or moss. In addition, a very pleasant aroma of men's perfumes give notes of pepper, nutmeg and unripe fruit. The combination and saturation of the components can be completely different, so the smell can be both sharp and more calm.
  2. It is very important that the perfume fit the nature of your man. Therefore, for more energetic representatives of the stronger sex, you can choose bright, saturated odors, and for calm men - “cold” flavors. First of all, when buying a new perfume, imagine your beloved one and think about whether this smell will suit him, will he be organic with his character?
  3. The easiest way to find outin which direction to go when choosing men's perfumes is to smell the fragrance your man uses and just choose perfumes from the same category of smells. In order not to be mistaken, you can write down the name of his perfume, and then ask the consultant in the store, what can you choose from the same series?
  4. If you have no idea what smells like your favorite, then rely on your taste. Of course, in this case it is better to give up too sharp aromas. Pick something neutral. The main thing for a man is not the spirits themselves, but your attention. Therefore, he will be glad to any flavor.

Now a huge number of all kinds of spirits, and it is very difficult to understand all this diversity. In order to facilitate this task a little, you need to know what flavors are there at all?

So, all the smells of perfume can be divided into three categories: women's, men's and unisex fragrances. In most cases, perfumery products consist not of a single fragrance, but of several at once. Therefore, if you like one particular smell, it will be very difficult for you to find perfumes with this fragrance. Most likely, you will be advised to choose a combination of this odor with other fragrant ingredients.

What are the?

Now let's talk directly about what smells are used in various perfumes?

There are a lot of them

So, in the women's perfume most often you can feel these flavors:

  • Floral - this is the smell of roses, lily of the valley, violets, jasmine, lilacs. And also in these perfumes one can find notes of narcissus, lilies, carnations, and gardenias.
  • Floral and oriental aromas are a combination of the smells of exotic flowers and oriental spices. This perfume is quite resistant and suitable for use at any time of the day.
  • Fruit smells. They can easily cheer up and give their mistress a feeling of purity, freshness and warmth. In addition, a woman who smells like an appetizing fruit, makes men want to enjoy it. Most often in the perfume you can find the following aromas - citrus, raspberry, strawberry, peach, apple, pear. As well as the exotic smells of papaya, melon, watermelon and pineapple.
  • Powder aromas are smells of vanilla, caramel, etc. They are associated with delicious fragrant sweets.
  • Aldehyde aromas are smells derived from various chemical compounds. They make perfume fragrance more saturated.

The following fragrances are used in men's perfumes:

  • Leather - this smells of bark bark, juniper oil, etc.
  • Amber scents are the aromas of lavender plants, as well as essential oils, which are made from them.

There is also a category of smells that are used in both women's and men's perfumes - these are the unisex fragrances. These include:

  • Wood aromas are smells of sandalwood, oak, cedar, myrtle, rosebush and patchouli.
  • Ozone is a fresh, light fragrance that is associated with the sea breeze.
  • Herbal aromas are the smell of cut grass.
  • Spicy aromas are smells of various spices: pepper, coriander, cloves, cardamom and basil.
  • Citrus fragrances are the smells of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit.
  • Oriental - this is a very rich resinous aromas.
  • Fern aromas are smells of oak moss, geraniums, etc. All the perfumes in this series are characterized by a strong smell of hay.
  • Chyprovye are fresh scents of sage, various resins, etc.
  • Animalistic smells are the aromas of the secretions of different animals (beaver, roe deer, etc.).

Love pheromones

A separate group of perfumes are perfumes with pheromones. They act on the subconscious of a person and attract members of the opposite sex.These perfumes are both female and male. They are based on the smells of amber and musk. Also, pheromone perfumes can imitate the smells of perfumes of famous brands or even be odorless.

Notes matter

But the most important thing that you need to know about all the spirits - is that any quality perfume should be revealed gradually, and include three main notes:

  • Top. This smell disappears the fastest, and only a few minutes are felt.
  • Average. This fragrance is the heart of the composition and lasts about an hour.
  • The final or basic. This is the main smell, since it will accompany you the rest of the day.

An important role in determining the quality of perfume is its price. Good perfume can not be too cheap. So if you suddenly come across your favorite fragrance at a ridiculous price, rest assured that this is a fake.

Beautiful bouquet

It is also worth knowing that buying advertised perfumes, in most cases, you pay for the brand, i.e. for the title. The cost of the most fragrant liquid is only 10-15% of the total price. So you should not chase for advertising, you can pick up a less well-known perfume with the same aroma, but at a more pleasant price.In addition, the composition of all spirits is almost the same:

  • 15-30% essential oils;
  • 96% alcohol;
  • colorants;
  • distilled water.

We wish you to unmistakably find your fragrance and delight the people around you.

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