Choosing lighting for modern housing.

To date, the lamps price is very diverse. However, the original options are quite expensive, so you can make your own floor lamps. To do this, you can use a variety of materials, for example, painted paper, covered with a waxed sheet and collected in an accordion. But the product frame can be wrapped with wool thread, connecting the lower and upper wire circles with vertical thick turns. For your innovation, you can use reeds, but instead of a metal structure, an interesting branch of a quality tree. In addition, a good lamp for the living room or hallway can be made of metal.

It is extremely important that the direction of the artificial light of the room for the child in the evening corresponds to the directions of the sunlight of the day. The main source of light, as a rule, is concentrated in the zone of labor. In the hallway and bathroom, you need lighting near the mirror, above it, or on both sides.If the bathroom is small, then the wall lamp near the mirror will be enough to illuminate the entire space.

How to light the kitchen? Most often, the kitchen is illuminated with central lighting, but this is not correct, since the shadow that falls on the work area affects negatively the vision. It is better to light the room with lamps that can be placed along the working area under kitchen cabinets. Above the dining table you need to attach a hanging lamp or sconce. It is also important to pay attention to the fact that kitchen lighting does not distort the natural color of the products, so fluorescent lamps should not be installed in the kitchen.

If the space is illuminated by a ceiling-mounted central luminaire, it is necessary to partially illuminate 2/3 of the light to illuminate the entire interior evenly. But the dining table must be illuminated sconces or suspension.

The feasibility of zonal coverage is confirmed by numerous positive reviews. Modern designers have created a number of recommendations regarding the lighting of various zones. For example, the surface of the desktop must be illuminated with bright light.It should fall to the table from the left and the front, not bother your eyesight and not be very bright.

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