Chlorophytum crested: description, features of growing and care

Chlorophytum crested was brought from South Africa, where it grew on the trunks of trees in the wet jungle. In the XIX century, the plant began to be used as a room. And then it turned out that it can clean the air and even neutralize harmful impurities.

The flower is moisture-loving, but it adapts well to residential conditions. If you place a humidifier next to it, the leaves will become larger, and the flowering will be longer.


The chlorophytum in the apartment grows to 60 cm in height, its fleshy roots go down to the ground by 10 cm, the leaves reach 50 cm in length. At the same time they are very narrow - up to 30 mm. During the flowering period, a long, branched inflorescence appears, curved down at the end. It reaches 1 meter in height, in each cluster grows from 1 to 6 buds located along the stem at the same distance from each other. By the end of the inflorescence clusters are reduced in size.But flowering chlorophytum can rarely be seen, because the first flowers usually fall off.

The flowers of the plant are white or green, stand on a pedicel, have three- or six-vein leaves with a small hood. Seeds also appear in the capsule on the stem.

At the tips of the inflorescences sprouts are located, and when the long stem leans, they touch the ground. After that, next to the parent plant appear new. Sprout, however, can be cut, put in water, and it will quickly give roots.

Chlorophytum cleans the air from harmful substances, especially formaldehyde, so it is useful in energy-efficient homes. It is better if he will stand in the kitchen, where in 24 hours he will be able to destroy up to 80% of harmful microorganisms per 2 square meters. meters around you. In children's chlorophytum even more necessary.

Being moisture-loving, the plant retains moisture and releases into the surrounding atmosphere. And if during watering activated carbon is added to the water, the level of humidification of the air from the flower will double. For people with lung diseases, this quality of chlorophytum is very useful.

Features of growing and care

The plant is well adapted to the external environment and is considered unpretentious in the care.However, under the bright sun the earth will dry out, and the leaves will begin to fade, and with strong shading they will not have enough ultraviolet radiation, and they will lose brightness. Sunlight is needed chlorophytum 2 hours a day, in the summer the flower can be taken out into the air.

The optimum temperature for growth is from +12 to +25 degrees; in the summer, to maintain humidity, the plant needs to be sprayed with water 2-3 times a day. In winter, it will be necessary to make sure that the flower is warm, because if the temperature falls below +10 degrees, it will die.

A special type of chlorophytum soil is not required, and a loose, light, neutral soil will be a suitable option. Earthen substrate can be made independently by mixing humus, leaf earth, turf and sand in a ratio of 2: 2: 2: 1. The pot is needed wide, because the roots of the flower grow strongly. The bottom of the pot should be laid drainage of broken bricks or pebbles.

Chlorophytum requires abundant watering, at least 2-3 times a week. However, in winter, the amount of water can be reduced. If the tips of the leaves have become brownish, then the plant either lacks water, or too much of it.

From May to August, chlorophytum has a growth period, and at this time it needs fertilizer.Comprehensive species will do; for plants with a large number of “babies,” such a measure is necessary.

Special pruning of the flower is not needed, but for aesthetic purposes, you can remove dry leaves. They need to be cut only from the outside of the outlets, otherwise the plant can be damaged.

Once every 2-3 years, the chlorophytum needs to be replanted, since the root system grows quickly, and there is not enough space in the pot. In the process of transplanting a large bush should be divided with a knife, plentifully water the soil and plant in a new, larger pot.

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