Chic patchwork plaid stitched in a mixed fusion technique

Often extraordinary things are the result of combining two different techniques. This rug was an example of combining sewing and crocheting. How is this possible? In fact, it's very, very simple, if you follow the master class and advice below.

For work you will need:

  • patchwork pieces of cotton fabric 13 * 13 cm (48 squares);
  • iron;
  • sewing machine;
  • needle, thread, scissors;
  • yarn, hook;
  • A thick needle and thick threads (for decorative flapping of scraps).

Let's get to work:

1. Divide 48 shreds into pairs (you get 24 squares). Fold them face up to each other, sew, leaving a small gap through which the product is turned out. Sew the remaining hole with a secret stitch. Smooth the squares well.

2. With a gypsy needle, stitch the squares around the edges, making a decorative gusset. Then proceed to the connection of the squares with a hook and yarn.

The scheme below will help to navigate the knitting technique:

  • double crochet stitch (DC) - a column with two overlays;
  • chain stitch (CS) - air loop;
  • single crochet stitch (SC) - single crochet stitch.

And this is how it looks in practice:

At the end of work, do not forget to iron the resulting product again. Work completed!

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