Charming decor from the usual pistachio shell

If you like to occasionally snap salted pistachios, which fly away faster than seeds, then the shell's shell is not a new phenomenon. Usually, it is immediately sent to the garbage as unnecessary, although it is still possible to make a lot of wonderful crafts out of the junk material! For example, such a tender and weightless vase made of pistachio nuts is a real miracle of craftsmanship:

In order to make a pistachio vase, you should prepare:

  • pistachio shell (washed from salt and dried);
  • glue (preferably one that becomes transparent when dried);
  • Scotch;
  • form (vase, bottle, etc.);
  • plastic bag;
  • decor (optional) - ribbons, bows, flowers, etc.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Tightly wrap the package. The MK uses a simple liter pot. On top of the package for the convenience of fixed tape.

2. Start pasting pistachio shells so that the edges touch each other.

3. Leave the craft to dry.Then take out the shape and gently pack.

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