Change the zipper without a spacer parts

The zippers often fail: the dog will fall out, the lock will break up, the teeth will break ... To replace the zipper, as a rule, a strut of clothing parts in which the zipper is sewn is required. But flogging a fastener is not enough, you need to insert a new one, fit both sides of the stitching of the zipper and fabric, and even on two pieces of clothing. The main problem is to sew a new seam so that the edges of the thing do not stick out in different directions, and the zipper is held in the fabric, and not next to it. However, all the above listed troubles can be easily avoided by working a little over the appearance of the old fastener. Materials for work: • Split zipper is greater than the length of the thing (or the old zipper) - 1 pc.• Passatizhi, big needle, matches, sewing machine, scissors. Stages of work: First stage: disassemble the broken buckle. Large needle hook up the “teeth” of a broken lightning and shift them to the side. The “teeth” can be easily removed from the fabric of the fastener.If you can not get rid of them with a needle - you can use pliers and pull off the "teeth". When using pliers, it is necessary to capture only the upper part of the “clove” with them, so as not to tear or damage the fabric base on which they hold.
 Change the zipper without the spacer parts
Gently unbend the metal zip fastener located at the top of the fastener. This mount is still needed for the new fastener.
 Change the zipper without the spacer parts
After dismantling the" teeth "and the metal attachment, remove the" dog "by sliding it up until it stops.
We change the lightning without spacers
This is how the thing looks after breaking the broken lightning: everything is removed, and the tissue base is left in the details of the clothes.
Change the zipper without parts braces
The second stage: we adjust the new fastener along the length. We put the lightning next to the thing and measure the necessary one lengthWe cut the excess so that the length of the new fastener was a couple of centimeters longer than the old one.
 Change the zipper without the parts brace
Since the fastener should not touch the body in the area neck, in the upper part of the zipper should be in the right place (at the end of the old zipper) pull out the "teeth" on both sides of the zipper.
 Change the zipper without strut parts
Insert the metal parts removed from the old zipper into the empty places and fasten them with a pair of pliers to the new fastener.
 Change the zipper without strut parts
Superfluous" teeth "gently remove the pliers or a large needle.
 Change the lightning without strut details
To avoid sprinkling the fabric, cut the edges of the fastener with a flame with a match or candle.
 Change the lightning without the strut of parts
Stage Three: fasten a new clasp to the thing. Kthe fabric zip left from the previous fastener is fastened with a new zipper (having previously disconnected it). In order to avoid shifts and bevels, you can fasten the fastener and fabric not with pins, but with a basting stitch.
 Change the zipper without a detail strut
one side of the bend is a new lightning, and on the other - the tissue base of the old one). After the stitching, the burnt edge of the zipper will not be visible.
 Change the lightning without the strut of parts
The second part of the separated lightning is similarly fastened to the second side of the thing. style="text-align: center;">Change the zipper without parts brackets
We stretch the fastener at the fastening points with the fabric base of the old zipper.
 Change lightning without spacer parts
That's it! It took about ten minutes to replace the zipper.
 Change the zipper without the spacer parts
For twenty minutes, the suit has gained two new zippers! The work looks neat, the performed manipulations are completely invisible. The most important thing is quick and easy!
 Changing the zipper without the strut of parts
 Change lightning without spacer parts

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