Chamomile Hair Tie

Of the huge number of wildflowers, camomiles are the most popular. This flower is associated with purity, tenderness and trembling. Most girls choose them because of memories from their childhood, when they wondered when they broke petals from daisies.
 Chamomile Hair Tie
For making such a gum with chamomile you will need: - a large elastic for hair of light green color. - scissors. - satin ribbon of green and white shade. - beads of light brown color. - heat gun with a spare rod.- lighter. - contour for fabrics of yellow color. Sequences The value of making jewelry. To start a ribbon 5 cm wide, cut into identical square parts. Their sides should be 5 cm each. Such details will require 12 white and 4 green. From the white details prepare the petals for chamomile. To do this, we add each blank of white tone along its diagonal between two opposite corners,resulting in a triangle.
 prepare the petals for chamomile
Now turn them long side up, for convenience of further work.
prepare the petals for chamomile
Take a sharp corner from the left edge and gently bend, directing to the center of the part, at the same time combining cuts.
 prepare the petals for chamomile
Then repeat the action on the right side of the white details.
prepare the petals for chamomile
In the middle of each part, we have two fold lines. Now, the blanks must be doubled along these line pairs.
 prepare the petals for chamomile
On the one side of the parts all sharp corners are combined, which are cut and carefully singe with fire. Next we align the remaining raw cuts, cutting off their surplus and opal edges.
 prepare the petals for chamomile
Carefully smooth out the details and we get petals with a rounded edge.
 by gotavlivaem petals of daisies
start creating leaflets for chamomile. To do this, take the squares of green and fold them in half, forming a normal triangle.
 create leaves for chamomile
Then fold each blank in half two more times, forming multilayer triangular parts.
 making leaves for chamomile
Cutting the thin uneven corners, immediately burning the fire m new cuts.
 creating leaves for chamomile
We cut the extra length of the other sections, immediately singing them,forming the length of the leaves.
 creating leaves for chamomile
As a result of these actions, we get these green leaves for chamomile. creating leaves for chamomile
Now we collect the flower, glue all the details with hot glue. We gather in a small circle all 12 white petals and three green leaves.
 collecting chamomile
The resulting void in the middle is filled with glue neatly, trying not to stain the petals, and fall asleep with light brown beads.
collect chamomile
Having waited for the glue to dry, turn over the chamomile. Cut out an even circle from the remaining green square, burn the slice so that the fabric does not crumble. Then lubricate the part with glue and attach it to the bottom of the daisy, while closing all the lower edges of the petals. It remains only to fix the hair elastic on the center of the daisy.
 Attaching the hair band
Contour with yellow sequins draw an even line around the middle of the chamomile of beads.We complement the flower with a small ladybug.
 Daisy hair tie
Decoration is ready!
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