Swan Casket

Good afternoon. I, like many girls and women, adore caskets, especially if they are unusual. So I decided to please myself and make with my own hands a casket for small things in the form of a swan. If you also want to make such a box, then I will show you now and, of course, I will tell you how to do it. For the manufacture of such boxes we need. -Bottle. -Wire. -Babs. -Bender. -Scissors. -White polyethylene. -White paint , red. -Polyfoam. -Brush. -Glue the moment, PVA. -Gazeta. -Carton is white, black. -Piston. To start take a bottle and cut a hole in it with a stationery knife. It is necessary to cut out carefully, as the cut out piece of the bottle will serve as a cover for the box. Here's what I got.
 cut a hole in it
Then we take the wire, I took aluminum, because she bends well.Cut off two pieces of 30 centimeters long and make a neck for a future swan. It will be necessary to remove the cap from the bottle, make two holes in it and insert the wire into them. We fasten the ends of the wire inside the lid.
 take the wire
 push the wire into them
 make two holes in it
The neck is almost ready, it remains only to give it a little volume. To do this, you will need to make tubes of newspapers. They are made easy. We take a knitting needle and a newspaper strip 2 centimeters wide. Spoke put on a strip at an angle of 45% degrees. Glue the end of the strip with PVA glue. Then you will need to push the wire through the tubules and wrap the wire that is attached to the bottle cap with these tubing. Thus, the swan's neck became more voluminous. Only the upper ends of the wire do not need to be wrapped. They will then be mounted on the head of a swan. Everything, you need to fasten the cap back to the bottle.
 make tubes from newspapers
make tubes of newspapers
 make tubes from newspapers
 attached to the cap of the bottle
 is attached to the bottle cap
 is attached to the core shke bottle
Now we need a newspaper, tear it into small pieces and paste outside and inside of our bottle. The cut out cover will also need to be glued in the same way. We take PVA as glue, but you can use paste. This option will be more economical, as the glue will need a lot.
 break into small pieces
 paste the bottle
paste over the bottle
After the glue dries, take a white paint and paint the bottle from the inside and its bottom from the outside. The inside of the lid will also need to be painted.
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