Carpenter bought an old double-decker bus and turned it into a stunning mobile home.

One day, Adam Goller-Woods visited the world-famous eBay site, and he came across an advertisement for the sale of an old double-decker bus, which had already been decommissioned. Adam had little idea what he would do with a double-decker bus, but he still decided that he needed this purchase. Nobody could imagine what he would do with this bus further ...

People from all over the world are turning old cars that can move into homes, and this is not nonsense for a long time. However, it is necessary to recognize: there is little that can be compared with the transformations that Adam subjected to his bus. When the old vehicle was delivered to him, Adam discovered a huge number of problems - for example, rotten floors and leaking windows that cannot be repaired. Also required to repair the walls.Being a carpenter by specialty, Adam was well aware that it would take great effort to transform the bus into a residential building.

The new owner of the bus began to disassemble it in parts and gradually make changes to its design. To be honest, it was hard to guess what to expect as a result. How could a decrepit bus turn into a residential structure?

In fact, Adam should not be underestimated. The end result of his work was just awesome. Below you can see the whole process of transformation.

Now Adam is renting his two-story mobile home, which he calls the “big green bus.”

Date: 08.10.2018, 22:02 / Views: 71584

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