Vase with flowers card

Is Mom's Birthday Soon or is International Women's Day coming? It is necessary to prepare in advance for a momentous event, it is more accurate to think about a gift for your beloved women. Of course, fresh flowers are always an up-to-date and sought-after gift, but sometimes you simply cannot buy them. So let's make a postcard with unusual colors that will surely attract the attention of others.
 Card of Vase with flowers
We will leave from the traditional for creative lessons colored paper, felt-tip pens or plasticine, and let's work with fabric, yarn, cardboard and buttons. So, for the “Vase with Flowers” ​​postcard we prepare: - cardboard - colorful pieces of fabric - buttons - PVA glue - yarn for hand or machine knitting - scissors - ste pler with metal straps.
 Card Vase with flowers
So, first compact the cardboard sheet for the base of the card.To do this, bend the sheet in half to highlight the fold line. We have a book cover. Next, we apply the paper to the fabric selected for the general background of the postcard, and cut off the piece we need with the allowances of about 1 cm.  Postcard Vase with flowers
We wrap the edges of the fabric inside the book cover where we fix them with brackets. Stapler is better to use on the corners of the cardboard. So we grab and fasten just two edges of the fabric.
 Postcard Vase with flowers
Now we'll close the cover and re-apply the stapler, but in the middle of each of the four sides of the postcard. The base is ready. Next we will cut the yarn into strips 3-4 cm long. Additionally, we cut out three circles from the cardboard. On them we will stick yarn - flower petals.
 Card Vase with flowers
On a circle we drop glue of PVA glue and lay threads in several rows. Close the middle button with a small button. When the glue is completely dry, it will become transparent. The appearance of the flower will instantly change for the better.
 Vase card with flowers
 Card Vase with flowers
Now we will cut out the red cotton fabric. Buds.
Postcard Vaza with flowers
To VAZ flowers not looked mottled and too elaborate, from cardboard or sheet cut out ordinary landscape rectangle having a smaller size than the base card. From the lace fabric we will decorate the vase itself. Because glueing lace is a tedious job, we recorded the result of creating a vase with staples.
 Card Vase with flowers
Now, like a mosaic, we fold all the details into a card. At first, we simply try on the arrangement of flowers and buds, and then we fix them on paper using PVA.
 Card Vase with flowers
 Card Vase with flowers
Postcard Vase with flowers Wonderful card turned out. Now you can not worry that the mother for his birthday will be left without a gift. Such a postcard to her for sure no one else presents.
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