Cap - a versatile and useful accessory

Accessories - this is what helps to complement the image and make it original. But, for example, some have long forgotten about caps, and they don’t go for everyone. But a cap is almost a universal thing that suits many people, if you choose it correctly. We offer to do the selection right now!

The main thing is to choose the form

Male or female headgear?

So, a cap, in general, is a headdress with a visor. The first ancestor of modern caps is a cap, which were part of the uniform of French soldiers. And, apparently, someone liked such an accessory so much that he decided to wear it as a simple headdress.

The first caps appeared around the second half of the XIX century. But only at the end of this century, this accessory became normal and entered the wardrobe of ordinary people. And in the 20s-30s of the next century, women also began to wear caps. To this day, the beautiful half of humanity loves them. After all, there is such a variety of models and materials that just the eyes run up!

Sport style

If you wish, you can pick up a cap under sportswear, and under a classic coat.If you choose the right colors and design, you can not only revive the image, but also make it original and bright.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a cap? This is sometimes quite difficult, since many girls have absolutely no idea about this headdress and believe that it is so specific that its purchase will certainly be meaningless and stupid. But in fact, everything is not so. Let us dwell on each of the points that need to be considered when choosing this accessory.

Variety of models

First, we list the most common styles caps:

The most common model is a baseball cap. These hats are worn by both men and women. Typically, a baseball cap is a top, sewn from 6 parts, connected by a button on top, and a visor (most often rounded). This cap fits the head and can protect from the sun thanks to the visor.

The eight-blade cap is a top volume part, sewn of eight wedges, and a small curved visor. The top can be sewn to the visor, fasten to it or just hang freely from above.Most often, this option is preferred by men, as this headdress adds charm to the image (it is most often combined with jackets and coats), but women also enjoy such caps.

There are a lot of styles

Military. It is made of four parts: two side (they are sewn in a semicircle), a flat upper part and a short straight or slightly curved visor. From the title it is clear that such a headdress was popular (and is still used) among the military. But today such caps can be seen on ordinary people and even on celebrities.

Kepka-Bini is popular today, especially among girls and women (although men are happy to wear them). Such a headdress is a kind of volumetric cap and a short and slightly curved visor sewn to it. The upper part can be wool, denim, cotton, knitwear. In fact, for sewing any materials can be used. Colors can also be almost any.

In sport without it, there is nowhere

"Trucker". This option is preferable for men. If the girl decided to choose such a cap, then the style of her clothes should be appropriate. This cap looks like a baseball cap, but differs from it in a more extensive front part that covers the forehead, as well as a mesh on the back (although this is not always foreseen).Visor quite long, straight or curved.

The five-point cap is sewn from 5 parts: two front, two side and one top. Due to this, the top becomes very wide. The visor for this model is straight, and in color it is often different from the top. This option is popular among fans of rap culture and singers, rappers. Girls also wear such caps.

Features of a figure and features

Fashionable women's and men's caps not only enliven the image, but are also able to hide some of the flaws and highlight the merits.

Here are some nuances:

  • If you are a tall girl, then it is better to refuse high-top caps (“trucker” models), as growth will increase. But this style is suitable for short ladies.
  • The wide upper part adds volume to the head and emphasizes the upper body, diverting attention from the bottom.
  • Too long peak on a small head will look ridiculous.
  • The straight visor visually expands the face, so this option is not very suitable for owners of wide cheekbones.
  • If you have a large forehead, it is better to at least partially cover it with the upper part.
  • A beautiful face does not need to hide behind the visor!

Color and decor

As for color, it can be almost anything. But do not forget about the compatibility of shades with each other, consider the tone of your clothes.

The color can be different

On a cap various ornaments can be had, girls like it a lot. For example, the peak or the upper part can be decorated with glitter or rhinestones, embroidered with beads or beads. Also original look embroidery and all sorts of applications. And some prefer thorns and rivets. It all depends on your taste and style that is close to you.

Other moments

Be sure to pay attention to comfort and convenience. If, for example, the visor closes your view, then wearing a hat will be inconvenient, unpleasant and even dangerous (if you drive a car).

Material is important too. The most optimal option is a combination of natural and synthetic fabrics. It allows you to ensure the flow of air through the material to the head, as well as wear a cap for a long time, without worrying about the fact that it can be rumpled.

Fashionable image

Be sure to choose the headgear in size. It should not crush or be excessively large. Many caps have straps with which you can adjust the size.

If you want to buy a beautiful and comfortable headdress, then by all means measure it to make sure that it suits you and does not cause discomfort.

What to combine?

What to wear this headdress, which can be called quite specific? We offer several options:

  • Shorts. You can combine them in fabric, color and texture with a hat, and you can play on the contrast. But short shorts look great with almost any cap.
  • A cap-beanie or eight-blade will look great with skinny trousers, jumper, jacket or coat. Also the checkered or monophonic cotton shirt, for example, will perfectly fit into the kit. The image will not seem ridiculous, you will look elegant.
  • Knitted dress or sweater dress can be worn with a beanie cap. The image will be romantic and feminine.
  • If you prefer youth free style, then buy loose ripped jeans (rapper) and wear them with a baseball cap or a five-footed cap. Suitable and model “trucker”.
  • As for shoes, with sports caps can wear sneakers or sneakers. Feminine boots on a flat sole or on a thick heel with a wide top will harmoniously look with a cap-beanie. And the Cossack boots will fit the eight-blade.
  • Tracksuit will look great with a baseball cap, five-cap or a model of "trucker".
  • Accessories choose according to the style of the kit. These can be glasses, belts, bracelets and more.

Choose a suitable cap and wear it with pleasure!

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