Camomile apron for mother and daughter

An apron is a necessary item in the kitchen of a real hostess. And from the surprises in the preparation of your favorite dishes will protect and decorate everyday home outfit. And for moms who want to instill in the child a love of work, there is a great way to do this by giving the same real, just like mom, apron. This is a simple solution for parents who cannot find an activity for a baby at a time when the elders are scurrying around the stove. An “adult” apron, vegetables in a basket - and the child no longer interferes with the process, but participates in the mystery of cooking.
 Chamomile Apron
Sew two identical apron for mother and daughter very simple with your own hands. This is interesting and fun, and the result will undoubtedly please the hostesses. An unusual, but very beautiful version of the apron, presented in the master class, may at first frighten the beginner seamstresses, but with desire and patience, it is very easy to cope with sewing. For Making You will need the following materials: • Fabric - half a meter is enough for sure. You can choose a dense, water-repellent, any at the discretion of the hostess. In the master class - dark satin with a small pattern. Not a sleek print, easy and pleasant to the touch for the child; • Bias binding - 5 meters for an adult apron, 3-4 meters for a children's apron; • • Scissors; • • Sewing machine; • • Threads in tone of fabric.
 will need the following materials
 interconnected by a seam
The iron for prokey strokes , paper for a pattern (you can immediately on the fabric), chalk or soap for applying a pattern on a fabric cut, ruler. The Chamomile Apron consists of individual wedges interconnected by a border seam using a bordering bei. The following measurements are needed (large size / small size): • Breast width - 20 cm / 13cm; • Breast length - 20 cm / 13cm; • Length from waist to apron - 40 cm. / 26 cm. The photo is a pattern of the pattern.Breast, 3 wedges 8 cm wide at the top. / 6 cm., Below - 11 cm. / 8 cm.
 Draw the pattern of the apron
The sequence of assembly of the apron: 1. Draw a pattern of apron according to the specified dimensions; 2. Cut the pattern into parts, spread on the fabric and cut without allowances for the seams. Cut on the folded pattern inside the fabric, so that the breast and the first wedge are on the fold.
 cut pattern
cut the pattern
 cut the fabric
cut the pattern
To gr the rod kept better, cut it double. If desired, the pocket on the first wedge is also tailored separately.
 cut fabric
 cut out the fabric
The backing should be ironed, folded in half length. This is edging.
 The slash must be ironed
 The slash must be ironed
 The slash must be ironed
Tailoring: 1. Prepare the breast, edging it on the external cut (except for the waistline);
 To prepare the breast
2. To process the third wedge along the external cut by edging;  Process edging 3. Connect the third and second wedges and turn them together;  to turn over together 4. If there is a pocket on the first (central) wedge, you need to round up the upper cut - the entrance to the pocket; 5. Left and right connect the central wedge with the second wedge edging;
 to turn over together
6. Cut the apron belt - width 5 cm., Length from 1m. 20cm. Belts 2 parts;
sew an apron
7. Sew the belt to the bottom of the apron.Turn out the ends of the belt, press the cuts and stitch it with a finishing line all over the belt, simultaneously insert the breast of the apron at the top.
 sew apron
8. Sew upper braces to the breast of the apron. It is possible from the double edging stitched bake. Bows, appliqués, ribbons - optional.
 sew apron
To spend a little time to familiarize the child with labor is easy, and the result of such attention will be surprisingly pleasant.
Chamomile Apron

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