Built-in gas oven - features and benefits

For many reasons, the popularity of built-in gas ovens is increasing in Russia every year. The main one is the discrepancy between old bulky iron plates and the requirements of modern man in terms of quality and aesthetics. Their reliability is inferior to modern analogs, and the dimensions and minimum of design diversity make this technique a relic of the past century.

Functional features of the built-in gas oven

As a rule, the oven is purchased complete with a hob of similar design, which is installed directly into the worktop when installed. The standard oven is not too large, although if you want you can find any suitable size. The average width (depth) is about 60 cm. A huge plus of such structures is that they do not protrude beyond the boundary of the kitchen set either in width or in height, unlike the solid old-style gas stoves.
Among other features, you can call an exceptionally tight fitting of the oven to the tables and the table top surrounding it: all joints are made airtight. This does not allow dust to accumulate in the cracks, and small household items - to fall into the gaps. Thus, the built-in oven not only serves for its intended purpose, but also contributes to the observance of cleanliness and order in the kitchen.

Additional advantages of the built-in oven

In addition to excellent technical characteristics and modern temperature control systems, the built-in gas oven boasts an elegant design tailored to suit all tastes. The wide distribution of devices of this type provokes competing firms to offer the consumer more and more spectacular options, so most likely there will be no problems with finding the right technology. It will be much more difficult to stop the choice on only one variant from the whole variety of models.
The quality of the glass in the doors also speaks in favor of acquiring the built-in oven: it is made of two or three layers and is particularly durable.

Design cons

The main cons of only two.The first is the complexity of the permutation: when you get tired of the kitchen design, you can’t just move the oven from place to place - you have to disassemble and reconnect the whole system. The second minus is a comparatively high cost, although in the face of fierce competition between manufacturers of equipment, this moment is gradually eroding.

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