Build an original decoration for your summer house from an old tea set

Old dishes may not fit into the interior of a modern kitchen. But this is not the reason to throw it away. Give the service or a leaky coffee pot of an interesting shape a new life, building from it an original decoration for a garden or veranda.

Sometimes the heart just needs updates. And I want to unload the shelves, including in kitchen cabinets and sideboards. You should not overstep yourself and keep the tired dishes, let her on this wonderful project. As a basis, you can use a ceramic or porcelain set, copper kettles and cutlery. Even a species who has seen species will find a place in an unusual composition! Combine any interesting shapes. The kettle, among other things, can be supplemented with a composition of natural colors. It can be used as a vase or even a flower pot.

The gentle sounds that will make the instruments when the wind blows will complement the atmosphere of a beautiful summer evening in the garden.

You can move away from porcelain, and make the central part of the composition a copper colander and ladles. Spoons, forks and table knives will be an excellent addition for them. Attach the items to a strong, reliable rope so that the composition is strong enough.

Date: 08.10.2018, 15:59 / Views: 34573

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