Braided Buttons-Balls

It is not necessary to use the button for its intended purpose, it will perfectly suit the decor, and when creating various accessories.

Button-balls are woven from cords, decorative braid, dowel and independently embroidered rolls.

To preserve the round shape of the button, a bead is inserted into the inside, the size of which depends on the desired size of the button and the thickness of the cord.

How to make woven buttons with your own hands

(Figure 1) The cord must be attached to the substrate and looped

(Figure 2) Throw the second loop over the first, passing the end of the loop under the cord at the pin

(Figure 3) Make a third loop by passing the end of the cord through both previous loops. When making a loop, the cord must not be twisted.

It is necessary to carefully pull off the cord, giving the button the shape of the ball and putting in its necessary round bead. The ends of the cord can be cut, tucked and sewed from the back of the buttons or left them long.

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