Box for Valentine's Day

Soon a wonderful holiday, Valentine's Day. If you want to please a loved one with a gift, but do not know what to give. We offer you heed a master class on creating a Valentine's Day casket. The symbol of the day of all lovers is the heart. Let's make a heart-shaped box. A gift made with your own hands is always more pleasant to give.
 You will need to work
You will need to work: - Plastic bottle Packing from yogurt. - Packaging product. - Scissors. - Transparent adhesive tape. - White cardboard. - Iron or electric plate with a smooth surface. br>- Quick-drying glue. - Puncher or shaped composter. For this craft you need a plastic bottle of any color. The color of the bottles is yellow, green, blue, brown, red, etc. The color of the box depends on the color of the bottle you choose. The shape of the bottle should be non-standard.The lid closes the box, so its diameter must be greater than the diameter of the box itself.
 Cutting the base
Cutting the base for the box from a narrower part of the bottle. Cut out the cover from a wider area.
 Give the heart shape to the box
Give the heart shape to the box: bend the base of the box in half, then bend one side to the opposite the side. It turned out the heart. We also do it with a lid.
 Round the top edge of the cover
 Rounding off the top edge of the cover
Round the top edge of the box cover. Heat the iron, put a sheet of white paper on top, then cover, hold it for a few seconds, pressing it to the iron. Instead of an iron, you can use an electric stove with a smooth surface. It is not necessary to heat the stove strongly; a “low fire” is sufficient. It is better if adults help children in this as not to be injured and there was a fire.  The bottom of the casket
The bottom of the casket. Put the box on a piece of paper, draw a pencil around it, cut it out. According to this template, cut the bottom for the box from the packaging in a transparent color. Top of the cover. Put the lid of the casket on a piece of paper, circle it with a pencil, cut out the top for the lid of white cardboard.  Glue the bottom to the casket Glue bottom to the casket using transparent tape on the inside.
 Glue the top of the casket
Glue the top of the casket to the lid with adhesive tape Right side.
 decorate the top of the cover
Next, decorate the top of the cover. Using a hole punch, we make balls from a colored bottle, yogurt packaging, transparent packaging.
 decorating the casket
Glue the balls to the top of the lid in a messy fashion using quick-drying glue.
 Box for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day Gift Box is ready. This heart-shaped box is easy will replace the gift box, you can put candies in it and tie with a ribbon. And you can use it to store small things. The casket can be modified. Change the color by using a plastic bottle of a different color. You can make the box opaque: insert a cardboard inside, paste over paper or paint it with acrylic paint. Decorate the box cover with your own, using colored or gift paper, beads, etc. And if you replace the cut balls from a simple hole punch with figures (hearts, flowers and others), carved with the help of a shaped composter casket will turn out even more interesting. Experiment.
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