Bookmarks for Books

New school year is around the corner. Soon tens of thousands of schoolchildren will sit at their desks. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance. In order to make it easier to read a book or find the page you need, you need a bookmark. The bookmark helps to navigate the lines, and at the same time it helps to foster a culture of handling books. Today I propose to make a few bookmarks for books with their own hands. Ways are simple, even a child can handle it. Let's get started. For the manufacture of all the bookmarks we need:
  • - Tab "Cat's foot" (white cardboard, scissors, glue, pencil, pink felt).
  • - Tab “Line Pointer” (scrapbook or plain cardboard, scissors, thin gum, cutter, pencil).
  • - Tab “Tea Cup” (colored cardboard (white and brown), tea bag, glue, scotch, scissors, pencil, felt-tip pen).
  • - “Kitty” tab (white cardboard, glue, scissors, felt-tip pen, pencil).

Tab "Cat's foot"

Step 1. On a white cardboard, draw a cat's foot (height 9, 5 cm and a width of 2.5 cm).If desired, the color of the cardboard can be any, for example, gray, orange, black.
Cat's foot tab
Step 2. Cut out the contour. Now we will make soft pads on the foot. From pink felt we cut out four small circles and another one a little more. Thanks to the felt, the legs will look soft and voluminous.
Cat's foot tab
Step 3. Glue the pink blanks to the foot.
Bookmark Cat's Foot
Step 4. It remains to put the bookmark in the book and it's done!
The Cat's Foot tab
The Stitch Pointer tab Step 1. Cut a small rectangle from scrapbook or plain colored cardboard.
Bookmark Stitch Pointer
Step 2. On the back side, draw an arrow (length 4 cm, width 1.5 cm) and cut it. In order for the arrow to look neater, we slightly round its edges.
Bookmark Index lines
String Index Tab
Step 3.Using the cutter, carefully cut two small cuts along the arrow, then thread the elastic as shown in the photo.
Bookmark Stitch Pointer
Step 4. To avoid miscalculation with the size of the elastic, put it on the book and tie it on the knot (cut off the unnecessary ends of the elastic). The elastic should sit tight.
Bookmark the Stitch Index
Step 5. It remains to put a bookmark on the book and enjoy reading. The advantage of the pointer is the arrows in that it can be moved and thus it is possible to find the page where it stopped, right down to the line.
Bookmark Index lines

Tab "Cup of tea"

Step 1. On a white cardboard draw a cup of tea (height 4.5 cm and width 4.5 cm) and cut along the contour.
Bookmark Index lines
Bookmark Index lines
Step 2. Next, draw a small oval on the brown cardboard, with the help of it we will depict tea as if in our circle. Glue the blank to the circle.Let's make the mug more expressive, for this we will circle it around the contour.
Bookmark the Stitch Index
Step 3. Next, remove the tag from the tea bag - a label (along with the thread). Then we glue it onto the back side of the cup using scotch tape.
Bookmark Index lines
Step 4. It remains to put a cup in the book, and the tag - a label left outside.
Bookmark Index lines

Tab "Kitty"

Step 1. On a white cardboard draw a seal (length 12 cm, width 4.5 cm). We draw muzzle, ears and paws. Paws must be at least 3 cm long, otherwise the tab will not hold well. Cardboard can be used in any color you wish.
Bookmark the Stitch Index
Step 2. Using the scissors, cut out the contour of our cat. Paws cut out, not reaching the end.
Bookmark the Stitch Index
Step 3. Then color our cat. Along the contour, we outline it with a black felt-tip pen and paint the face. With the help of a pink pencil we will make a blush and color the ears so that the cat looks even nicer.You can also draw various patterns, stripes, specks.
Bookmark the Stitch Index
Step 4. We hook the paws on the page. Now, when you open the book, it will be fun to meet you the sweetest cat.
Bookmark the Stitch Index
These are our bookmarks! They look interesting, beautiful, unusual and most importantly they are very comfortable. Now even the most boring textbook will be more fun for a schoolboy!

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