Bold and persistent: beauty tips Yulia Efimova

The questions from our beauty dossier are answered by Julia Efimova. Three-time Olympic medalist, four-time swimming world champion and ambassador Orbit shares her beauty secrets and talks about the importance of believing in yourself.
What personal care products are your favorites? Do you use decorative cosmetics, including during performances?
Julia Efimova

My skin is combined, but since I spend a lot of time in the pool and in the sun, it tends to dry. And the scalp, despite the fact that the tips of my hair is dry, is rather oily. To solve this problem, I do a special peeling, thanks to which you can not only get rid of dead cells, but also create a root volume. The main means of personal care is cream. Training in the gym and swimming pool, chlorinated water - all this dries the skin very much, so I always have with me a whole arsenal of moisturizing face and body creams.And now I also bring with me to the collections repairing hair products: I had the imprudence to dye my hair and now I eliminate the consequences. The main criterion in choosing a face cream is its moisturizing properties. Also for me, the composition of the product is always very important, I prefer brands with natural ingredients. Before buying a new cream, I always consult with a consultant: I’m interested to know what new products are available, what components are included. I also always take a product probe to make sure that the product is suitable for my skin type. One of my favorites is coconut oil. It is really multifunctional: it can be used for hair, face, body. Unfortunately, decorative cosmetics and swimming are incompatible. In my free time, I like to use cosmetics, especially when I am in Russia; I like MAC lipsticks and shades very much, lately I prefer the American brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. She has excellent tools for the face, eyebrows, I also love the brand's highlighters.

Did you practice any other sports besides swimming?
Julia Efimova

Yes, of course, there were other hobbies.We have a sports family: my grandmother did cycling and even took part in championships, and my parents worked as swimming instructors. Sport has always been in my life. As a child I also practiced dancing and aerobics, seriously fond of drawing. She also continued her studies at a regular school. In general, I got used to the dense graphics from my childhood, but swimming was my main hobby - it became my profession and my life's work.

Do you have any signs that you follow when participating in competitions? How do you manage to concentrate before the performance?

Before the competition it is important to focus, to find in yourself inner strength and confidence. The support of close people and spectators is very important here. The last minutes before the start are the most difficult - it seems that all the preparation was wasted and nothing will happen, there is a fear that the rivals are much stronger. At such moments I recommend that you should be angry with your own cowardice and everyone who does not believe in you. This helped to beat a lot of world records. For me, the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro were the hardest in a sports career. Before the first final swim, I heard the crowd whistling.I remember being surprised at how sincere their indignation was, and then I got together and won a silver medal. A few days later - another one.

What are some good habits that help you stay in great shape?

I will start with the obvious - this, of course, is sport. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself with many hours of training to stay in shape. The ideal pastime is running. Even a 30-minute run at a quiet pace works wonders. Simple recipes are sometimes the most correct. For example, do not neglect such a well-known council, how to drink a glass of water in the morning. It really works. Do not forget about healthy eating. I am not at all in favor of any diets, but I believe that there should be a lot of vegetables, fruits and greens in the diet. I like various salads very much, where there is arugula, avocado, green asparagus, strawberries.

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