Because you have paws: we sew cute fleece mittens

Winter is already approaching, in some places even snow has fallen, so it is time to warm ourselves! Today's master class will be devoted to the process of tailoring cozy koto-mittens that will help everyone to get their own legs for everyone 🙂 We will sew from fleece. Mittens will be double, thanks to which they retain heat even in cold weather, and due to the characteristic properties of the material, they are very soft and pleasant to the body.

As usual, the pattern is attached. It is designed for the size of the average female hand. It does not take into account seam allowances, I recommend adding them when cutting the material. If the hand is miniature, you can cut without allowances.

Print the pattern and cut out all the necessary details. Decorate mittens with seals and paws will, as usual, using my favorite sublimation thermo-stickers.

We transfer images from thermo-stickers to fleece with the help of an iron.

We begin work with the connection details of the back, palm side of the mittens.The first step is to form a finger. To do this, we add the details to each other, as shown in the photo and fasten with pins or clips. Pay attention to the label, it must be transferred from the pattern to the material.
Lay the line, as in the photo below. The end of the line should be just on the label
We do the same with all the details. We have 4 backs with a decorated thumb. Allowances for seams can be cut close to the seam. Fleece - the fabric is durable and not crumbling, it is convenient to work with.
Then connect the front side of the mittens and the back, folding again the faces to each other necessary details.
Lay the line along the perimeter and trim the allowances.
Perform this operation with all the details.
It remains to connect the lining side of each mitten with the outside. To do this, we put the inner mitten into the outer mare (of course, the "face" to the "face").
Sew the parts along the circumference of the cuffs, without forgetting to leave holes for eversion.
It remains to unscrew the mittens, spread them all, sew the hole left and unscrew the cuffs.

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