Beautiful garden benches: drawings and photos

Garden bench X-shaped supports

This bench has an attractive appearance and can easily accommodate three or four people. In addition, it can be moved from place to place. An excellent option, if you still do not know where exactly in the garden you want to place a bench.

To make such a bench is relatively easy.

First collected support. For assembly should be used screws.

An additional bar is attached to the lower part of the support. It does not just make the bench higher - it raises the supports above the ground, protecting their exposure to moist soil. And if it itself deteriorates, then it can easily be replaced.

Next, you should collect the top, which consists of two boards. They are preferably bonded to each other for greater strength.

When the supports and top are ready, you can start assembling.

The top should be fastened to the supports from the bottom to hide the fasteners. It will look much more accurate.

That's all. The bench is ready, it remains only to paint.

How to make a simple beautiful bench to give

And here is an example of a simpler but no less elegant bench, which is very easy to make by yourself.

You just need to assemble just such an elementary frame.

Screw three boards to it.

And attach the legs.

The timber used to build this bench is quite thin, so it is better to drill holes for fasteners in advance so that the screws do not split the wood.

This is how easy this bench is made!

Beautiful garden benches: photos of original ideas

If you want to do something truly unique and not like anything, then here are a few ideas that can inspire you to create your own design.

A bench of stones? Well, why not? The wire frame does not allow the stones to crumble, and the cushions provide comfort for the seated. If you experiment with stones of different colors and sizes, you can get your own completely unique composition.

This is a simple wooden bench. The unusual appearance of her simple garden decor on the back wall of the house. Not the fact that it is very presentable, but certainly not boring!

This beautiful garden bench stands out for its original approach to using tree cuts.

The simplicity of the form and the extraordinary design make this bench very attractive to give.

Thanks to the successful combination of relief and simple construction of this garden bench, a small corner of the garden has gained not only charm, but also great practicality.

We hope our selection has convinced you that garden benches can and should be interesting and beautiful. And the drawings and photos inspired you to make such a bench yourself.

After all, made with your own hands, a beautiful bench will turn into a highlight of your garden and will delight you and your friends and family for many years.

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