Bead Bracelet (thin)

Beaded bracelet (thin)- master class, beautiful and stylish bracelet made from beads (beads) with your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  1. beads or beads 3 mm;
  2. 4mm brass plugs;
  3. brass chain;
  4. pliers;
  5. beading wire;
  6. glue;
  7. toothpick;
  8. clasp.

Step 1

Take a wire and bite off a segment of 30 cm, tie a knot at one end and start stringing beads (beads) on the wire, about 5-7 cm, tie a knot and bite off the excess. Then glue the brass caps at both ends.

Attach 2 chains (length "chain" on the wrist) and install the clasp.Braceletready.

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