Women's Beach Shoes: Fashion 2016

Summer is coming soon, and we want to get away from all the problems and concerns of the city or get to the warm sea. We have a great desire to relax so that later a whole year, sitting in a boring office, remember the last rest.

That's why it's time to think about the summer wardrobe and, of course, the women's summer shoes on the Club. What kind of beach shoes will be in the trend in 2016? Designers have worked for the glory, and delight the beautiful ladies with a great assortment. Each beauty will be able to pick up something for herself that she likes exactly.

One of the main features of this year - beach shoes on a high platform. This will especially please the fair sex of short stature. Color can be classic - black and white. In addition, there are slippers and sandals of various variegated colors.

Gladiators are not out of fashion - shoes that have a large number of weaves and straps. But it is important to remember that shoes on the platform are not always comfortable, and sometimes you have to make a choice - comfort or fashion.

This season is fashionable strip in clothes. This trend has not ignored the beach shoes of various models. The most common option is the alternation of wide and small strips. But the small cell does not lose ground. Shoes in the box - the development of talented creative designers - this is also a hit in 2016, which allows you to reflect all the colors of a beautiful summer mood. Both the cell and the strip can be of a variety of colors, various bold combinations are acceptable.

Above, we wrote about wedge shoes. But for those who prefer convenience, there are also many options. Slates, pantalets of a variety of modifications with a bright floral print - all this fashion 2016. In fashion this year and images of animals on beach shoes.

Sandals in this season are often decorated with wide colored ribbons. They want to go not only to the beach, but also to a disco or in a cafe. Appeared as a decoration and laces with tassels. They transform the shoes so that it can be safely built to the rank of great art. Straps in beach shoes can be from a variety of materials - leather, suede, textiles. Various combinations are popular.

Get fashion shoes this season and enjoy a good rest.

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