Banana Top Ten. How can I use the skin?

The yard has long been the twenty-first century, and it seems to us that we already know everything. To eat, we have spoons and forks, hats with earflaps were created to protect the head from the winter cold. However, we are so far from the truth, when we think that the world around us has already exhausted its surprises. And the main proof of this is ... a simple banana!

Past the Recycle Bin

Without a doubt, most of the following methods of applying the rind of this fruit were unknown to you:

  1. First of all, it helps to get rid of acne and psoriasis, for which you need to rub the skin with its internal part. Also, it does not hurt to periodically treat the face for its cleanliness and health, because this natural "wrapper" contains antioxidants and minerals.
  2. She will clear the silverware from the plaque. To do this, it is recommended to grind the skin and mix it with soda by making a slurry with a sour cream consistency.
  3. It will easily replace the shoe polish, removing it from dirt.
  4. They say that banana peel can get rid of splinters. To do this, the soft side should be applied to the affected area and secure for 24 hours. Her enzymes not only solve the problem with an extraneous object, but also accelerate the healing process of the skin.
  5. The same will happen if scratches, bites, cuts and other damage occur.
  6. Eliminate warts by this yellow savior from time immemorial. Usually, the "compress" is left overnight. To achieve a tangible result, it takes from a week to a month of such procedures.
  7. If you brush your teeth with fresh skin, it is possible to remove yellowness from them, spoiling the smile and generating complexes.
  8. In cooking, the skin is also useful. With its help, it will not be difficult to soften the meat, one has only to wrap the pieces with it for a while. And if you add it with baking, then the dish will acquire a special sweetness.
  9. Many of us still store our data on CD, which can become unusable due to scuffs. Banana pulp is also required here, and wax in it will restore the surface.It is only important to remember that after it it is necessary to process the carrier and peel for 2-3 minutes. By removing the excess with a nonrigid cloth, you get a disc ready for further use.
  10. Dried cleaners are very good for fertilizing the soil. Especially when it comes to beds for tomatoes, peppers and roses. In addition, they can save plantings from aphids, like woolen women's and men's caps - our heads from hypothermia.

Thus, this delicacy will fit in those issues that have nothing to do with nutrition. And it definitely goes beyond our knowledge of it.

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