Backgrounds for your creativity

Backgrounds for your creativity: ideas and their realization. Expensive scrapbook paper from the store you can easily find a replacement. Let's look at several interesting options for turning simple sheets of paper into colorful and interesting backgrounds for the design of cards, albums, smashbooks and art books. And we will need the simplest materials that everyone has on the table. Option number 1.
Backgrounds for Your Creativity
What do we need? - Photograph or printed picture (preferably in light colors) - A small piece of cardboard (6x6 cm will be enough) - Black gel pen - Scissors.
 What we need
The first step is to make a template for otovku. On a piece of cardboard draw a seagull. An alternative to this: print out the picture below on the printer.
 Backgrounds for your creativity
Cut out the drawn \ printed bird.
 Cutting the painted bird
Then, applying the template to the selected photo, outline the silhouette of the bird with a pencil. Repeat this several times until the entire image is filled with seagulls. It's best to start with a pencil stroke to see where the birds will be located without placing them too far or too close by mistake.  placing them
After that we start to draw each seagull gel pen.
we begin to draw
That's what happens in the end. Go ahead. Option # 2.  draw feathers It's even easier with it: we only need paper, a pencil and black gel pen.
 only paper is needed
With a simple pencil we draw pens like in a photo. Remember: these are only sketches, pencil lines will be erased, so there is no sense to diligently display each of them,again, just mark the future location of the object.
 draw feathers
When done, go to the gel pen. Draw the "core" of the pen.
draw feathers
Then the silhouette of a feather.
draw feathers
Then add cross lines.
 draw feathers
Fill some of them with small patterns, You can also circle the feathers with a dotted line.
 draw feathers
draw pens
Option # 3.
Again a simple set: markers (or markers), a simple pencil and a piece of paper.
 Newly simple set
Draw a whole sheet into small squares or a grid - for whom it is more like. You can draw by hand.
 draw the background
Now work for the patient: draw and paint over thesemany small triangles in cells.
 draw background
 draw the background
Laboriously, but the result is worth it!
draw the background
 draw background
Next. Option # 4.
 paint an orange
Materials: - Watercolor - Paper - Brush - Jar with water - A small piece of cardboard - Pencil and scissors.
 colors and paper
Cut a circle out of cardboard. No compasses, we draw everything by hand, since irregularities are only welcome. Filling the entire sheet with circles.
 draw circles
Turn circles into orange slices.
>img src="" alt="draw circles" title="draw circles">
draw circles Go to the colors. Dip the brush into the water and type a very slightly yellow paint so that the color is not very saturated. We paint over streaks.
draw an orange
Then we pick up a bright orange paint and paint over the edible part of the fruit,leaving small gaps.
draw orange
Again we use the orange paint, but this time it should be darker. We paint the orange peel with it.
 draw an orange
Here is the result.
draw an orange
Option №5.
 draw pineapples
Again we need watercolor, paper, and a black pen. This time we can do without a template. Fill the entire sheet with pineapples drawn in pencil.
draw pineapples
Yellow paint color the fruit, green leaves, all colors are bright and saturated.
draw pineapples
 draw pineapples
When the paint is dry, circle the pineapples with the black handle and add small details.
draw pineapples
Option number 6.
 Backgrounds for yourcreativity
The table should have: - Paper - Cardboard for the template - Office knife - Purple and orange felt-tip pens Black pen and a simple pencil.  Backgrounds for your creativity
Create a template: draw a simplified face of a fox.
 Backgrounds for your creativity
With help Cut it with a new office knife. Both parts are useful.
 Backgrounds for Your Creativity
Fill the entire sheet with the selected drawing.
Backgrounds for your creativity
 Backgrounds for Your Creativity Using the second part template, we complete the work.
 Backgrounds for Your Creativity
 Backgrounds for your creativity One last thing: handles draw every face. That's all! Good luck to you!
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