Arrange all your shoes with these simple tricks. 15+ photo ideas

You've probably heard that shopping is a universal antidepressant for women. It does not harm health, it only harms the wallet. And yet - often creates a mess in the house. This is especially true of shoes - a huge number of pairs that seem to no longer fit either in the cupboards or in the bedside tables. However, even in a small apartment you can organize a logical and convenient shoe storage system. Let's look at 15+ examples of such ideas.

New niches for shoes

If there is enough space in the cabinet, you can select a special shelf or space on the hanger for shoes and hang it with special hooks. To the smell of shoes does not apply to clothing, you should put on them transparent bags.

For shoes you can make or purchase a special storage system - compact lockers. Please note - due to the rational use of space such a dresser does not take up much space.But how many pairs of shoes fit!

And this is how you can use the space of the stairs:

You can use shoeboxes by cutting a hole through them, through which the desired pair will be visible, or by applying special labels.

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