Arrange a convenient storage space on the balcony

The balcony is traditionally used as storage for those things that we don’t need every day. Sometimes this leads to cluttering up the loss of functionality of a useful room. But a balcony or a loggia is a substitute for a backyard for high-rise residents. Here it is convenient to get some fresh air and even discuss news with friends over a cup of coffee.

Decide what is more important for you, a place to rest, a branch of a laundry room with a convenient laundry dryer, or maybe a small office? Balconies are very different ...

Almost every balcony is wider than the window that goes to it. This part can be separated by equipping a small closet. Most often, a wardrobe for a balcony is made of PVC, chipboard or metal-plastic. It all depends on the functions that the repository must perform. If you plan to fill the boxes with tools or building materials, you can give preference to simple shelves. But if you plan to store vegetables on the balcony, take care of good thermal insulation.Metal-plastic will be very useful.

On the balcony you can place sections of old "walls" or cabinets, which did not have time to take out to the dacha. It is in this place that they can look very organic.

Old furniture can be painted with simple acrylic paint and complemented with accessories in a vintage style.

Very well fit into the interior of the balcony kitchen drawers. They can be placed one above the other so that there is more storage space. The idea of ​​dividing the lockers into upper and lower ones is very well suited for a balcony. Indeed, in this case, in addition to cabinets, we also get a work surface on which you can perform minor work.

If the apartment does not have enough space for a home office, place it on the balcony. To do this, it is necessary to warm its walls and think over the heating system. In this office very good natural lighting, and thanks to the PVC door, you can provide excellent sound insulation from the rest of the apartment.

The office does not have to be isolated from the room, you can remove the window and create a single space with the room.

Organize a cozy pantry. On the balcony is good to store vegetables and canned.And it can be not only convenient, but also stylish.

Place built-in wardrobes on the balcony. The most convenient will be the design with a compartment door. You can use a maximum of useful space and hide all unnecessary.

If the appearance of the balcony is not crucial for you, arrange open shelving on it. They can accommodate many necessary things.

And you can find another place to store, and arrange on the balcony a cozy place to relax.

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