Are there any miracles?

Alexey Ganzenko
Alexey Ganzenko
February 26, 2013
Are there any miracles?

A miracle is defined as a phenomenon that does not follow from the recognized laws of nature, as a result of which it is impossible to give a rational explanation. But are there any miracles "here and now"? It depends on your desire to see a miracle. A miracle can happen anytime and anywhere, you just have to be ready for this. If you are open to accepting what may happen and rid yourself of suspicion, the miracle will not linger. A skeptic seeks confirmation of a miracle in a material environment, but the specificity of this phenomenon is that the believer in a miracle needs no confirmation.

Do miracles happen mystical

He for whom the creation of a miracle is a common thing, in no case does not try to violate the material laws. Neither Mohammed, nor Jesus performed miracles on display. During the feast, Jesus turned the water into wine, after which he quietly left, so that it was not even noticed.

The Most Popular Modern Miracle is the Holy Fire. At first, it does not burn, that is, it is a model of the familiar “cold plasma” science - an ionized low-temperature substance.There is a case when firefighters met with a similar one. In the fire-ridden room they saw an electing orange-blue pillar of flame. Like a cobra, as if preparing for a jump, the fire squirmed upright, and then suddenly disappeared through a hole in the floor. In another case, the firefighters watched as if the fire was hiding from them, throwing from one wall of the room to another.

Do scientific miracles happen

Recorded many facts of unexplained natural phenomena, quite falling under the definition of a miracle, but for the correctness referred to as "abnormal." These unexplainable miracles are because science today is still not able to explain the reasons for their occurrence. We are talking about such phenomena as telekinesis, teleportation, reading thoughts at a distance, levitation, prediction of events, bioenergetics, dowsing. The peculiarities of the human psyche are such that everything beyond the usual framework frightens us or causes reverent awe. However, the age of information explosion and high technology, the number of unexplained things, it seems, only multiplies.

Deep space objects expand faster than theory suggests. In the African uranium career, several zones with traces of nuclear reactions have been discovered.Known and described cases of teleportation - instant transfer of objects from one place to another without the use or participation of physical effort. Similar is observed both in the laboratory and in the surrounding nature.

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