Do you know what high fashion is?

At fashion shows, you can see stunning and imaginative outfits, real masterpieces of art. But only some of them are honored with high haute couture status. What does it mean? Let's find out!

The essence of the concept of "haute couture"?

What is haute couture? Many people know that this term is directly related to the fashion world, but what does it mean? Literally, the name translates as “high sewing”, that is, “haute couture” is high fashion. This concept covers luxury and exclusive models made by the most fashionable and world-famous designers.

Interestingly, there is also the concept of “ready-to-wear”, and it is also associated with fashion. From French, this name translates as "ready to wear." That is, the category includes simpler, but also high-quality outfits made by famous fashion houses.

History of the concept

The concept of "haute couture" or "high fashion" appeared quite a long time ago, namely in the XIX century. At that time, the peak of the development of the fashion industry, the center of which was, of course, France.And it is not surprising that this country is the birthplace of sewing art, and all the most fashionable and interesting is still concentrated here.

The term "haute couture" appeared thanks to Charles Frederick Worth. Although this designer was born in England, he decided to conquer France and in the middle of the 19th century, he opened a Model House here, and also was the first to introduce the distribution of all products into separate collections. A little later (in 1868) the Worth created the so-called High Fashion Syndicate, which became the main “headquarters” of fashion and united the leading Parisian couturiers and their fashionable salons.

What fashion can be called high?

What are the differences between "high fashion" from the usual? They are available, moreover, set by Charles Frederick Worth and officially registered in the rules of the Syndicate.

In order for the product to receive the prestigious status of “haute couture”, it must meet several requirements:

  1. The dress should be exclusive and unique, that is, made in a single copy. This means that the dress is presented for the first time and differs from all existing ones.
  2. The product must be at least 70% hand-made, not factory-made.As a rule, this is achieved through decoration, for example, embroidery, appliqués, and so on. But some parts can also be sewn by a specialist. In modern fashion houses there are whole staffs, divided into categories: some specialize in tailoring, others - on rhinestones or stones, others - on feathers, fourth - on embroidery, fifth - on accessories and so on.
  3. Production together with the main workshops, boutiques and atelier should be located at the birthplace of fashion, that is, in Paris. In this case, the fashion house will automatically fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Industry of France, so that the products will exactly meet national generally accepted standards.
  4. The number of staff at the fashion house must be at least twenty. But, as a rule, it is more significant and can reach 5 thousand people.
  5. Each fashion house should represent twice a year on the collection, including 50 dresses.
  6. The outfit should be made of extremely expensive fabric. As a rule, certain materials are used that are specially made for the High Fashion Syndicate.

Can I buy a masterpiece of art?

It is quite possible to become the owner of this unique work of art. To do this, you need to be present at the show, choose your favorite outfit and order it. Moreover, the dresses presented at the show are only samples made according to standards that correspond to the parameters of the body of the top models. For the client a new dress is sewed, completely identical, but corresponding to individual measurements.

Practically all outfits have an “exorbitant” cost for ordinary people, but it is quite reasonable.

  • First, several specialists are involved in the production.
  • Secondly, one dress takes a lot of time: the production time can reach 300-400 hours of work, moreover it is more manual.
  • Thirdly, only high-quality and very expensive fabrics are used for tailoring, and their consumption is sometimes very large.
  • Fourthly, decorative details can be made from precious stones. And so the price of one outfit can vary from 25 to 100-150 thousand dollars.

Of course, not every woman can afford even a seemingly simple “haute couture” dress. However, annually such outfits get about 2000 of the fair sex. The number of regular customers does not exceed 200.Often dresses are rented to celebrities, and this provides effective advertising.

But since almost all models are not suitable for everyday wear and are intended only for special occasions, they are worn a maximum of three times. To appear in public in one image more often is a moveton and an indicator of bad taste and insolvency.


The case of Charles Frederick Worth was continued by many couturiers, and today high-fashion syndicate includes various well-known designers and their fashion houses:

  • John Galliano is a world famous British designer and laureate of many awards. His style is pretty outrageous, and avant-garde outfits prevail in the collections. By the way, John was previously the creative director of the Christian Dior brand.
  • Christian Lacroix. It was his dress-cases and models with puffs that caused a real sensation in the fashion world and made him a legend. The fashion designer has an amazing fantasy, so all his products are simply unimaginable.
  • Christian Dior. This famous French designer is no longer alive, but his business continues, and successfully: the fashion house is one of the most popular.
  • Karl Lagerfeld - German designer and real creator, who was entrusted with the creation of stage costumes for such stars as Kylie Minogue and Madonna.
  • Yves Saint Laurent. Fashion house, created by this designer, specializes not only in women's and men's clothing, but also in accessories. In the photo you can see how beautiful all models are. Also under the brand produced perfumes.
  • Gianfranco Ferre is an Italian fashion designer, whom many called the “fashion architect”. He has a lot of collections, including wrist watches, denim clothing, suits.
  • Jean-Paul Gauthier. He was considered a real “hooligan of fashion”, as he could use cans and even garbage cans to create new collections. To this day, he is sometimes unimaginable models.
  • Coco Chanel is an incredibly important figure in the world of fashion and a real icon of style, not only of its time, but also of modernity. To this day, her fashion house presents amazing collections.

It should be noted two more not less known names: Gianni Versace and Valentino Garavani. These two designers also produce collections that can undoubtedly be attributed to high fashion.But their products can not be called "haute couture" in Paris, since the production is located outside this city.

Now you know much more about fashion.

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