And so, magazines and newspapers are turning into ... AMAZING THINGS

You can do anything from old magazines and newspapers. And we know this well. It happens sometimes, like everyone has foreseen, arranging the room, but some detail is not enough to unite the color gamut. Here's how in the photo below. Imagine how unfinished the interior would be if this were not a panel of newspapers. But this is a global work created from small motives.

a table of very thick tubes, rolled in a straight line and firmly tied))) And I also saw the type of board from newspapers, even the cut was - well, the look is very strong. The Chinese have come up with, but do not share the secrets - just sell

This capacity has been stored in the computer for two years already - that’s how long I have wanted to do this ... I have to try it at my dacha. And, too, the sheets are folded simply, straight

Circle Connection Points

napkins and vases ...

Well, I don’t know if such a cosmetic bag will be strong, but it’s interesting -

these boxes are great. Yes, even with trim ribbons - I think they are sewn, not glued

It seems that the packages are strong, probably from several layers of glued newspapers, and they are also stitched - it is convenient for garbage. We, by the way, also place large garbage boxes in the courtyards for different types of garbage)))

below at least you can see that you need to coat with glue not only from the sides, but also the entire blank, when it is ready


I like these frame ideas too. I tried to do: it is difficult to glue, by the way. And in appearance - easy and simple. Glue is needed strong and to quickly grab. Magazine-glossy pages are hard to stick: you need something to hold. And such a messy order, it seems to me, is easier to make plots

In! Candy box - curious, right? I think children will love it! Yes, and I would have liked such packaging

I like the handles in this basket. And in general, she is some kind of very civil - neat.

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