Anapa: all kinds of recreation without intermediaries

The favorable geographical position determined the fate of the small, quiet town of Anapa. Because of the proximity of the sea there is a mild climate, which made it a resort town, famous therapeutic mud baths, SPA procedures, of course, as not to mention the magnificent sunny beaches.

It is known that as early as in the old and old times the Greeks, as soon as they saw a beautiful corner of the Taman Peninsula, loved it and stayed here forever. The open-air museum-reserve, named after the ancient Greek city Gorgippia, reminds of this. The reserve has preserved roads laid by the first Greeks, settlers, on which you can walk and touch the history. Touch the walls that survived from the destroyed houses. A walk through this city-museum will help the guests of Anapa to get acquainted with the ancient culture and history of “full of mysteries”.

Anapa is now a modern resort town with a network of hotels and hotels, sanatoriums and boarding houses for recreation.Vacationers are presented with various types of leisure activities. Those who prefer an active form of recreation are waiting for hiking in the mountains, walks on the sea on yachts and boats, and the underwater world is always interesting for lovers of scuba diving. Lovers of quiet relaxation are offered: bask in the warm bright sun on a warm beach, breathing in the fresh sea air, or simply enjoying therapeutic and health-improving procedures. You can walk through the city, admiring the mountains, sea and green valleys. We also recommend visiting the site of the Brigantina sanatorium, which will help you to see Anapa without intermediaries

Where there is a lot of sun and heat, and even the presence of the sea, there is a wealth of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, this corner of the Taman Peninsula attracts tourists with local fruit dishes. But international cuisine is always on top.
In Anapa, they come to rest with their families and one by one, people with income and a lower income level. Hotels, hotels, boarding houses and just at home meet the needs of different guests, even the most discerning. Each of the campers finds something special and special in Anapa. No one will remain indifferent.

What attracts Anapa to yourself? First, the sea, mountains, steppes, valleys give the area a unique climate - temperate. 280 days a year the sun shines, driving out a bad mood to those who "depend" on the weather.
Secondly, you can relax with children. Baby food is prepared for babies. There are game stores and various other attractions. Adults also provided an even greater choice of entertainment. At their service are restaurants, bars and cafes, cinemas and dolphinariums, museums and visiting festivals, wine and seafood tasting.

Thirdly, the architecture of the city is historical and modern. Historical architectural value is represented by the church of St. Onufriya the Great, the Russian Gate from the 18th century and, of course, the ruins of the ancient city of Gorgippia. Riding on a boat on the river Anapa at sunset will leave a lasting impression.

Fourthly, the abundance of mineral spring sources, sopochnye and estuary mud are included in the healing therapeutic procedures. Including fresh fruits, various grape varieties will provide your body with vitamins for the whole year and will give you the opportunity to have a pleasant and useful time.

Fifth, wine tasting from Kuban is waiting for you. You will appreciate the taste of local wines.For those who understand the wines, this lesson will be a holiday for you and will lift your spirits.

Sixth, holidaymakers can visit and appreciate the sights of neighboring cities, including Taman, rich in entertainment, including a tour of the ruins of an ancient city and watch the excavations of archaeologists.
Having visited this quiet, cozy, many-faced town, you will gain strength and vitality, strengthen your health and will be ready to storm and conquer new heights.

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