An effective anti-dust tool is lemon rag. Dust will not be 2 times longer

Everyone knows how difficult it is to fight the dust in the apartment - just got away, and the next day the dust appears again. However, today we want to offer you an unusual method of dealing with dust -rags with lemon solution. After cleaning with a lemon rag, the dust will not appear in your home much longer than usual.

For the solution you need to cut the lemon into slices, pour 7 tbsp. spoons of vegetable oil and insist week. Dilute this solution with a glass of boiling water and strain. Immerse a couple of soft rags in a lemon solution and dry.
When the rag dries, it's time to start cleaning the house. The surfaces will remain clean and will not collect dust for a long time.

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:39 / Views: 85361

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