Tomba easel for TV - a novelty from the company “Gambs Mebel”

The easel is an auxiliary device that even the ancient painters used to write paintings. A well-thought-out design made it possible to fix the canvas in a convenient location and engage in art with comfort and all the amenities. Easels are used by artists today. However, Gambs Mebel invented a new assignment for this attribute.

Easel for TV - a novelty in the furniture market

Thanks to the painstaking work of the designers, an easel was created, which acts as a furniture, bears the function of a decorative element and is used as a stand for a liquid-crystal or plasma TV. He personifies the true work of art, because it accurately conveys the outlines of this device, and in combination with the TV it really looks like an easel with a picture. If the TV also serves as a monitor, that is, it is connected to the Internet, you can install the screen saver on the screen and you can always admire the images and pictures that you like.

Production of thumbs by Gambs Mebel

TV Stand "Easel" is not only furniture, which is the embodiment of art, but also a functional device that gives many privileges.

  • Practicality

The stand does not take up much space, has wheels, so it is easily rearranged to any corner of the room. On the easel there are special mounting elements that allow you to securely fix the TV at the required height. If necessary, the height can be adjusted.

  • Functionality

The easel is equipped with supports for installing audio and video equipment. There is also a place for the remote. When developing the design, a system of hidden wires was created, so numerous cords will not spoil the overall interior of the room.

  • A modern approach to creating a themed room design

The product looks stylish and original, which introduces originality into the interior and allows you to show your own individuality.

  • Aesthetics and environmental friendliness

The stand is made of natural wood, so it blends harmoniously into the interior of the room. At the same time, the material is completely safe for humans.

Cabinet options for TV

Gambs Mebel presents a cabinet on TV “Easel” in two versions: in black and white. You can choose the design of the color that best fits the color scheme of the interior.

In order to get a stand, just fill out an application for purchase. Delivery in Moscow is free, so the goods will be delivered directly to your home.

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