American cosmetics: what products should start the hunt?

Travel can bring not only impressions, but also ... cool jars, which in our country will have to run. In our beauty review, seven excellent American brands.


One of the most popular brands of cosmetics. Not only because of their products, but also because of the famous ambassadors. The brand at various times advertised Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Fergie and Pink, and recently the 69-year-old mother of CoverGirl dreaming to conquer Mars investor Ilona Mask May was the face of CoverGirl, proving that beauty has no age. Among the bestsellers CoverGirl is the tonal basis of the Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation with sun protection factor SPF20, presented in 12 shades.

Tonal basis Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation CoverGirl

Tonal basis Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation CoverGirl (465 rub.)

Cinema secrets

In the arsenal of Cinema Secrets - everything from lipsticks and eye shadows to sharpeners for pencils and professional sponges. But the most popular product - liquid disinfection brushes for makeup. This should be for everyone: on how clean your "tools", skin health depends.

Liquid for disinfecting brushes for make-up Cinema Secrets

Liquid for disinfection of makeup brushes Cinema Secrets (1 400 rub.)


The brand was created by make-up artist Vincent J.R. Kehoe in 1962 and at first created the means for stage makeup, supplying its jars to Hollywood film studios. As part of the means only vegetable oils and no artificial fragrances, lanolin, vaseline, which can cause allergic reactions. Today, the assortment of the brand has everything you want, from the contouring palettes (both small and very large) and eye shadow to the invisible white powder.

Palette Foundation RCMA

Palette Foundation RCMA (4 200 rubles)

Herbivore Botanicals

A dream of a protector of nature: all cosmetics of this brand are created exclusively from natural components of plant origin and are sold in biodegradable packaging. Not tested on animals. Offers treatments for face, body, hair and lips.

Body scrub Coco Rose Body Polish Herbivore Botanicals

Body scrub Coco Rose Body Polish Herbivore Botanicals (2 100 rub.)

Elizabeth mott

Quality tools in fun packaging. The range is not too large, but each product is worth its weight in gold. Elizabeth Mott offers mainly decorative cosmetics, but there are a couple of care products. For example, the One Bad Motha’foamer Foaming Detox Mask. See it - take it without thinking.

Face Mask One Bad Motha’foamer Elizabeth Mott

Face Mask One Bad Motha’foamer Elizabeth Mott (1 800 rub.)

Kylie Cosmetics

Yes, yes, this is a beauty brand, founded by the very Kylie Jenner, the example from which is taken by at least 99 million people (this is the number of subscribers of the model on Instagram). Each new collection is marked by endless queues (even in the online store). The main bestseller is matte lip gloss.

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