Also people: 18 stars with disgusting habits

They shine on the screen, the stage and the carpet. But behind the image of successful celebrities are ordinary people with their neuroses, “cockroaches” and terrible everyday habits. has found 16 examples of the most disgusting behavior of stars, which sometimes even gets into the lenses of cameras.



Queen Bee understands her high position literally: she throws things around so that the servants can take them away. The star confessed that sometimes her luxurious dresses lay on the floor in the dressing room and bedroom for months. So much so that she and her husband, rapper Jay-Zi, have to wade to the bed, stepping over and stumbling over outfits worth thousands of dollars. And it would be all right to talk only about clothes! Beyoncé once said that even after removing makeup, she does not throw garbage into the urn, but folds dirty napkins and cotton pads along the edges of the sink. So expensive apartments and houses of the singer are littered with far from glamorous attributes.

Jessica simpson


Blonde pretty actress and singer so fresh looks only in the photographs. As the famous presenter Ellen DeGeneres discovered (and she knows how to cause the stars to be frank) Jessica Simpson does not like to brush her teeth and does this only three times a week. You see, her beautiful white teeth after toothpaste seem to her too "slippery", but because she prefers to just wipe them with the edge of her T-shirt ...

Megan Fox


Sexy Megan Fox is a nightmare for her family and friends. The actress is either so absent-minded or so spoiled - she not only leaves dirty clothes in improper places, but also manages not to flush the toilet behind her. 10 years ago in an interview, she honestly said: "Friends can tell me:" Megan, you put the larva in my closet and did not wash it! "

Christina Aguilera


The habit of the singer does not seem so terrible to her environment, but rather harmful from the point of view of food hygiene. Aguilera does not wash his hands after using the toilet and calmly sits down at the table with food. This shocked the fans who once followed her from the ladies' room to the table.In addition, the singer was seen passing by with the train of the aroma of an unwashed sweaty body.

Robert Pattison


The list of dirty girls continues to be the favorite of women and the main vampire of the millennials. Unravelable hair, stubble and always rumpled look is not just an image of a romantic hero. He really does not like to wash and constantly pulls his greasy hair. And regularly walks in sweaty shirts and shirts. And, as befits a self-ironic Briton, he constantly talks about it in an interview: “It comes to the point that even I myself can't stand my smell. So disgusting my personal hygiene. "

Orlando Bloom

Photo: @orlandobloom
Photo: @orlandobloom

A man - he is a man, even if he is a three-time Hollywood sex symbol. Take Orlando Bloom. He can wear the same clothes for months without removing the shower and sleep with his dog in the same bed. Yes, Mighty is just a poodle. But on Bloom's Instagram, it’s clear that friends are inseparable on bike rides, on tour, in catching up on the lawn. So, all the dirt from the street, this couple drags into bed in double size. B-rr.

Matthew McConaughey


For nothing, the Oscar-winning actor is the face of the fragrance of The One Dolce & Gabbana. He agrees to advertise with pleasure, but does not even think about using perfume.In an interview with one of the glossy magazines, McConaughey confidentially said: “I don’t like to smell like someone or something. If my smell starts to bother someone, I will take a shower. ” Obviously, the money for McConaughey does not smell. Unlike himself.

Julia Roberts


Here's the main "beauty" and a well-paid favorite of Hollywood there are high-ideal reasons to neglect hygiene. Roberts rarely washes in an attempt to preserve fresh water on the planet. She also does not like to use deodorant. And stands for naturalness in the beauty of the body. Therefore, it does not shave its armpits - what has grown, it has grown.

Cameron Diaz


Another recognized beauty continues the list of opponents of deodorants. And it is recognized that the same clothes are ready to be worn for 4 days in a row. And in order not to use the washing machine (the star has such a fad), it just throws out clothes that start to smell bad. The rich sluts have their quirks.

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