All about the wooden countertop in the kitchen. 6 secrets of professionals

Natural wood in the kitchen? Wooden countertop - one of the most successful solutions for the kitchen, practical and convenient. You just need to know these 6 professional secrets.

Is it a wooden worktop in the kitchen? We asked real professionals: qualified designers, craftsmen, technologists and wood specialists - those whose opinion can be trusted.

1. Why is the wood table top not scary?

On the one hand, a smooth warm wood with a beautiful natural structure is an excellent material for furniture production. Easy to use, eco-friendly, always fashionable and relevant. Moreover, the tabletop is not a very heavy wooden cupboard for you, which is impossible to move. It is not necessary to make all furniture out of wood, a perfectly reasonable modern solution will be the manufacture of this material only countertops and, perhaps, some more individual parts.

But many people are afraid of how wood may behave, they are afraid of fungus, cracked varnish ...

But professionals think differently: “A wooden tabletop is not a problem if we apply reasonable adequate care to it. Not so many materials used for worktops in non-professional kitchens that are not afraid of any effects and do not require maintenance, -says Andrey Lyamin-Borodin, builder, general director of the online repair order service PriceRemont. “All materials are aging during operation, but the peculiarity of the tree is that it can grow old beautifully.”

So, what are we dealing with?Mikhail Vychuzhanin, Wood Finishing Specialist, North House, determines the advantages and disadvantages of wooden countertops so.


  • environmental friendliness of the material;
  • beauty and variety of wood texture;
  • unlimited product parameters: from the tree you can do almost anything and anything;
  • easily updated;
  • The ability to perform any milling cutter edge countertop.


  • more care is required;
  • It will take some time to restore;
  • relative high cost of material and work with it.

2Which wood for the countertop to choose?

But the answer to the question of which wood species and wood characteristics should be paid attention to.

“When deciding on a wooden countertop in the kitchen, please forget about MDF, chipboard and veneer. Only natural wood - advisesArtyom Lepyoshkin, General Director of the House of Interior Decisions Dynasty. It's not about harm, but in the properties of the material. The tabletop is exposed to the aggressive influence of a person daily: chopping, cutting, whipping, spilling and spilling is a common thing in the kitchen. The surface should be strong, smooth, resistant to cuts, moisture and temperatures.

The classic version is oak or beech: strong and durable wood species. Some choose tick and mebrau. More affordable options: pine, walnut, ash, birch. We prefer larch: you will have to pay more, but it will last longer. Feature of larch in very high density of wood, tree rings are arranged along the trunk with small intervals. It easily tolerates mechanical damage and deformation, withstands high compression and pressure loads.In its composition there is gum - a natural antiseptic that protects from rotting and damage by mold fungus. Ideal for the kitchen. Larch gives away and absorbs moisture when moisture changes.

Also the durability is affected by the manufacturing method. The top of solid wood is more prone to bending than glued, assembled from several plates. This method increases flexibility and resilience. "

“One should pay attention to such moments as: the age of the wood, the method of its extraction, the storage conditions, the region from which the material was brought, addsMikhail Vychuzhanin. He considers oak to be the best wood for making countertops. - The stronger and harder the wood, the longer your countertop will serve you. There are countertops made from solid birch, cherry, walnut. "

3. How to cover a wood countertop in the kitchen

The ideal option for protecting a wooden tabletop is bio-impregnation based on natural vegetable oils and beeswax - that is, oil-wax for wood. Natural oils for wood can make its surface waterproof, which means that fungus and mold are not afraid of wood.By the way, the table top impregnated with high-quality oil with wax becomes resistant to standard kitchen detergents - nothing bad will happen to the wood from diluted household chemicals. It is even better and safer to treat the kitchen work surface with special wood oil in contact with food. And of course, no one canceled the more usual coatings - interior varnish for wood or a combination of colored azure with the subsequent application of varnish.

4. How practical is the wooden countertop?

How to save a tree in addition to using wood?

If you want the table top to last longer and maintain its appearance, follow the simple rules: do not cut anything directly on the tree (perhaps, only the oak will endure such violence), do not check the surface for fire resistance and heat resistance. Wood can darken from very hot objects, ash is especially sensitive. On the other hand, if wine or juice is poured onto the surface, it is sufficient to wipe with a damp microfiber cloth. Do not use wet rags, this tree swells.

Also, we do not recommend the use of aggressive household chemicals for washing the countertop. It so happens that drops of such a means fall on the countertop when cleaning the sink or hob.If this tool contains, for example, a solvent, it can change the color of the wood, whiten it. The important rule in case of hit of any stains on the tabletop is to prevent them from being deeply absorbed and, therefore, clean up immediately. A stain that does not wash can be removed by walking around the area with fine-grained sandpaper, after which you will need to update the protective coating.

On the question of choosing a sink - in this case it should be mortise or, in other words, the invoice. Washing the sub-table mounting will create a constant impact of water on the edge of the tabletop, from which it will inevitably deteriorate. However, it may not confuse fans of country style or owners of tabletops made of particularly waterproof wood.

5. Will such a tabletop suit my design?

Wooden surfaces in the kitchen - this is also a wide design possibilities, the current trend. That's what designers think about it.

The world is becoming more and more urbanized, and the person is under stress due to the lack of communication with nature. Natural materials in the interior, such as wood, stone, clay, help modern people to feel comfortable in the “stone jungle”.

Since wood is not a moisture-resistant material, the part of the tabletop adjacent to the sink can be replaced with an artificial stone surface.

Thus, a solid wood worktop with knots, heterogeneous texture, aging effects will suit a rustic or loft style kitchen. But smooth wooden surfaces will look great in modern interiors, high-tech, especially tinted in white, black or graphite color - such a table top will be effectively combined with chrome and glass surfaces. It is worth paying attention to the options of glued - perhaps even from different species - wood: the rhythmic pattern of the elements can emphasize the beautiful geometry of the room.

6. How to upgrade the wood countertops?

Sooner or later, the surface of the wooden tabletop will have to be renewed - they will again feed the tree with oil. How often should this be done?

It is difficult to name a specific time, much depends on the specific operating conditions. To understand whether it's time to update the countertop, apply a few drops of water to the surface and observe - if the tree quickly absorbs them, it's time to get a jar of oil.However, do not worry, the application of oil - the task is simple, every housewife will cope on their own.

Wooden countertop is the perfect solution for modern kitchens, and you should not be afraid to use wood in the kitchen. A little care for the tree - and your kitchen will delight you for many years!

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