Aesthetics of marmuras: special care

Natural marmur is a reference symbol of elegance and rosace. Tse naprochud piddatliviyu materіal і through tse permits vtiliti in life nitsіkavіshі designers іdeі. Opisuvati yogo vlastovosty mozhna without kyntsya, proto "syasyuchy kamіn" (and the very same way to rewrite the yogo name from the Greek) vimagae nalizhnogo stavlennya - yak pіd hour shlifuvannya, so і on etapі poliuruvanya.

Correct polіruvannya - locking beauty and dogovnochnosti marmuru. It is better than polіruvannya dopomagaє pіdkresliti natural kol_r marmuru. Okrim vom, vizhdi zmotete zbbiti vіdtіnok bіlsh iznachenim, досягти ефекту "мокрого каміння", тощо, використовойчи спеціальне просочення U цьому матеріалі пробуємо зробити the emphasis on the main moments of the half-way process.

Perche, nizh rozpocinati polіruvannya, constantly reconciled, sco surface on a clean surface.

Для полірування мамурових поверхонь найчастіше використовуть спеціальні войлочні круги, які здатні проронути у важкодоступні місця.Schob bbw blesh shche efektivnіshim - polіruyut іn vikristannyam powder and those of the most effective actions presented to the market.

So, the most popular of them is the name of the exploitation of the policer with its protivovzkim effect. Pam'yatati is important, marmo zdaten shvidko vbirati vologu. It is possible to clean kamіn і zvikaynuyu water, not dodayuchi specialіmlyh miyuhih plants. Ale schob on the surface was not z'yavlissya beaches, blame it, partly waxed with wax. The very same water in the water, the protection of the mikroshchini by itself, the burial of the brood and the barriers to the marbles of the trivalium blisk. Mіzh іnishshim, schob psdsiliti blisk, specialist vidyudsya to vikristannya silіkonu, inflicting yogogo on the felt circle. At such a scenario, a mirror blister of guarantors, wanting to be decoded.

The effect is a paste for poliruvannya marmura, a yak can be added as well as a thick, and so is powder. Ostannіy just hang on pіdlogu і polіruyuyut to bazhanogo bliska. The most important moment - the powder, you’ll be too full, you can’t lie on the surface, but you will be able to do it. You need a sponge.

Іsnuє sozh hemіchna technology polіruvannya marmuru.Here, the surface is penetrated by crystallisers and staє bіlsh mіtsnoyu, znayayut so called pryatapini. Polynuvannya vikonuyut sopomnuyu specials of the rotor machine of powder plants and concentrates. Taku technology motivate zastosovuvati to marmuro ї pidlogi, in the arts with great prohdnіstyu.

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