Advice of a doctor who has lived 105 years

Shigeaki Hinohara died July 18, 2017 at the age of 105 years. The blessed memory of this outstanding man, who surprised the world with his efficiency and incredible attitude to life. Dr. Hinohara’s magical touch was known throughout the world.

He healed patients since 1941, and continued medical practice even after his age had exceeded the centenary. Shigeaki Hinohara began his practice at St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo, while teaching at St. Luke’s College. After the end of World War II, the doctor helped rebuild the ruins of Tokyo hospitals. Thanks to the innovative spirit and business acumen of Dr. Hinohara, a nursing school was opened on the basis of the destroyed institution. Since the day of his 75th birthday, the physician has published about 150 books, including the best-selling book “Living Long, Living Well,” whose circulation in more than 1.2 million copies was distributed throughout the world. As the founder of the new movement of older people, Hinohara called on all people to live a long and happy life and was himself the best example to follow.

According to the doctor, a person receives vital energy first of all not from food and sleep, but generates with his positive emotions.In childhood, many people forgot to eat or sleep well in time when they were passionate about fun games. According to the doctor, and adults can keep this attitude. And do not bore your body with too many rules, including strict sleep and nutrition.

According to the observations of the physician, all long-livers, regardless of nationality, race or gender, had no problems with being overweight.The doctor himself preferred a modest breakfast which included a cup of coffee, a glass of milk, orange juice and a spoon of olive oil. Olive oil helps cleanse the arteries and improves skin condition. For dinner, Hinohara ate milk with cookies, and sometimes, when he was too busy, he could skip this meal altogether. For dinner - vegetables, rice and fish. Dr. Hinohara ate lean meat only twice a week, 100 grams each.

On the advice of the doctor, everything should be planned in advance.The diary of Shigeaki himself was painted at least half a year ahead. There were notes about future lectures and routine affairs. But to retire, according to the long-liver, it is not worth it at all.And if it is possible, it can not be earlier than after 65 years. For many countries, according to the doctor, it is high time to revise the retirement age, which was established half a century ago, when the life expectancy of people was much less.

You must share your experience with people.Hinohara himself gave at least 150 lectures a year, encompassing both elementary school students and groups of businessmen. One lecture lasted from 60 to 90 minutes. This is the time you can talk without getting too tired.

In order to stay healthy as long as possible, it is better to abandon the elevator and walk the stairs.His doctor recommended to wear his own things, not referring to someone else's help. Hinohara himself had a habit of stepping over two steps to keep his muscles in tone.

Dr. Hinohara was inspired by Robert Browning’s poem Abbot Vogler, which his father read to him as a child.It was this author who taught the doctor to set big goals. Write large books, not brochures. All life you need to try to do everything the most ambitious, what lacks imagination. And even in this case, it will not be possible to have time for everything ...

In relation to pain, as an integral part of medicine, the doctor had the following position.He believed that the best opportunity to get rid of pain is to forget it, doing something pleasant and fun. Children forget about the pain, leaving the dental office and starting to play a fun game. And adults should learn from them. In the clinic, the doctor had a lot of fun and interesting activities for patients, including music, art classes and communication with animals.

But the healer did not advise to accumulate material goods.Like many Japanese, he considered hoarding a useless exercise. With him on the other world you will not take anything.

Special attention in the design of hospitals, according to Dr. Hinohara, should be given to their ability to provide assistance to a large number of patients at once.This can be very relevant during major disasters. Every patient who appears at the door of a medical institution must be admitted, regardless of how heavily loaded the medical staff is. In the clinic of St. Luke, the reception was conducted even in the basement and chapel. After the terrorist attack on the Tokyo Metro on March 20, 1995, tripled by the Ai Senrikyo Park, the hospital received 740 victims who suffered from sarin poisoning. Fortunately, 739 people were saved.

The doctor said that science alone, as far as it is advanced, cannot save all people.Each disease is individual. And to help everyone, you need to apply a variety of techniques, including contact the help of different types of art.

In the personal experience of the doctor was on board the plane hijacked by terrorists. At the age of 59 he flew from Tokyo to Fukoku, and the flight was seized by representatives of the Japanese faction of the Communist League of the Red Army. Passengers spent four days handcuffed for 40-degree heat. It was at this moment that Hinohara made sure that the body's reserve forces are released during stress. Many processes slow down in a crisis situation.

Hinohara advises everyone to find a model to follow and follow it. For him, this model was a father who, in 1900, went to the United States to study at the University of Duke in North Carolina. The doctor considered his father a real hero, and always asked himself in a critical situation: “What would a father do?”

According to the longevity, the first 60 years of life need to work, providing your own family. And after this age it's time to engage in socially useful activities.It was from the age of 65 that Dr. Hinohara began to work on a volunteer basis. He did this before the end of his life, 18 hours a week, and he loved his work very much.

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