A unique mousetrap from improvised means: primitive and effective

The appearance of mice in the house is a real scourge. Fight them hard. Besides, not all methods are suitable. In one case, there is a risk that accidentally a dose of poison along with the gray aggressors will be given to your favorite pets, in the other - that the mouse will remain somewhere under the floor and the amber will spread all over the house. There is an exit! In addition, the work and does not require absolutely no investment.

The design of the mousetrap is primitive to disgrace. In order to build it will need:

  • bucket;
  • 2 tin cans for drinks;
  • a piece of wire or a metal pin whose length is slightly larger than the diameter of the bucket;
  • small board;
  • bait;
  • water.

First, we make holes in the bottom of the tin cans and, making sure that they rotate freely, we string them on the rod.

We fix the rod with the banks on the bucket so that their rotation is not difficult.

Fill the bucket with water to half and attach to it a piece of board. Inside the jars we place the bait or lubricate the area near the neck with vegetable oil. Mice will surely come to smell, but will not have time to eat, thanks to the rotating element.

This mousetrap does not slam, but simply dumps the rodents inside the bucket.

Date: 08.10.2018, 09:05 / Views: 64465

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