A simple 100W TDA7294 amplifier

There are quite a few varieties of budget amplifiers, and this is one of them. The scheme is very simple and contains only one chip, several resistors and capacitors. Characteristics of the amplifier is quite serious, with such a small cost. Output power reaches 100 watts at maximum power. Absolutely clean output is 70 W.
A simple amplifier on a TDA7294 with a power of 100 W

Characteristics of an amplifier

More detailed characteristics of an amplifier on a TDA7294:
  • Bipolar power with a midpoint of 12 to 40 V.
  • F o. - 20-20000 Hz
  • R out. Max. (power supply + - 40V, Rн = 8 Ohms) - 100 W.
  • R out. Max. (power supply + - 35V, Rн = 4 Ohms) - 100 W.
  • To garm. (Pv = 0.7 P max) - 0.1%.
  • Uin - 700 mV
The TDA7294 chip is cheap and worth a penny, I bought it -HERE.

Amplifier circuit for TDA7294

Amplifier circuit on TDA7294
These amplifiers work well in pairs, so make these two and you will get a simple stereo amplifier.More detailed characteristics of the amplifier and switching circuits can be found in the datasheet on the TDA7294 microcircuit. It is advisable to choose a power supply for the amplifier one and a half times more powerful, so consider.

Amplifier PCB

Picture arrangement of elements:
A simple amplifier on a TDA7294 with a power of 100 W
Download to the board in lay: format When printing, set the scale to 70%.

Ready amplifier

Ready amplifier on TDA7294
Ready amplifier on TDA7294
Ready amplifier on TDA7294
The microcircuit must be installed on the radiator, preferably with a fan, as it will be smaller in size. Making a circuit board is not necessary. You can take a prototype with a lot of holes and assemble an amplifier for 30 minutes. I advise you to assemble such a simple amplifier that has proven itself very well.

Power supply

The power supply is full of the classic circuit with a transformer 150 watts. I recommend taking a ring-core transformer, as it is more powerful, smaller and emits a minimum of network interference and electromagnetic background of alternating voltage. Filtering capacitors for each arm 10,000 uF.
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