A new fitness chair can be your best purchase in recent years.

If you have to sit at a computer every day for hours, a new chair with a fitness ball as a seat may be your best gain in recent years.

To clearly see what opportunities and benefits a new invention provides, scroll through the page and view the photos in detail. First, while sitting, you keep making movements at every convenient moment, balancing on the ball, and this is great!

Secondly, sitting on the ball allows you to maintain your back in a straight position, improving your posture. In other words, your back will be less sore.

Finally, it is very convenient to do stretching and exercises on the ball, choosing the intensity, depending on whether you want to just warm up, or decide to seriously pump up your muscles.

Gently balancing on the ball, you can lose a pound of excess weight in just 10 days!

Those who have serious problems with the spine, you should consult with a specialist before embarking on exercises with the ball. If approval is obtained, you can enjoy pleasant stretches between viewing mail and other computer work!

In case you decide to bring the muscles into a tone, perform the following complex once or twice, depending on your physical form at the moment.

The idea of ​​sitting on fitballs was suggested by caring teachers, who realized that stationary sitting on chairs for a long time negatively affects students' health and concentration.

It's time for adults to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that a chair with a ball for fitness offers!

Date: 09.10.2018, 12:40 / Views: 31281

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