A great idea for decorating the interior for the New Year

Time passes quickly and we all feel the approach of the New Year: the streets of small and big cities will soon begin to be decorated, the facades of offices and shops will be lit with colorful lights, and preparations for celebratory concerts in kindergartens and schools will begin in full swing. It's time to think about creating a New Year's atmosphere at home.
Let's call the project a “Christmas tree in a bank”, well, we just have a Christmas tree in the bank, and you may have something else.

For the project we will need:

  • A jar with a lid.
  • Distilled water.
  • Glycerin (sold in any pharmacy).
  • Ceramic or plastic figures of animals, trees and human figures.
  • Artificial snow crumbly or sparkles.
  • Epoxy resin and hardener (in the store you can buy a kit).
  • The paper is emery.

Make sure that your bank is clean. The bank can be of absolutely any shape. To ensure that our herringbone was good, it is necessary to clean the bottom of the cover with sandpaper.Take the toy you like, in our case it is a Christmas tree and glue it to the bottom of the lid. Resin is resistant to water and will last for a long time, although the smell from it is specific, but nothing will disappear.

Pour clean, distilled water into the jar, but not completely. Also add some glycerin to the water. It will help to achieve the desired viscosity, so that our snow and sparkles slowly fall to the bottom and create the effect of snowfall. Now add sparkles, or artificial snow.

Next, twist the lid of the can with herringbone, turn and shake. That's all.
Next, decorate the jar, the flight of fantasy is limitless. You can give the toy an additional design set on a pedestal, such as a plank in the form of a wood saw. Add to that a couple of figures of animals or fairy-tale characters.

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