7 unusual sweaters in which you do not get bored in the winter

In winter, nature itself insists that we love ourselves more: we dress warmly and comfortably, stay at home on a cozy couch and drink warm and delicious drinks. Perhaps, if you want to find a compromise with the winter, it will sound like this: warm sweaters, favorite home-made plaid and hot mulled wine with cinnamon - worthy occasions to fall in love with the cold season.

Warming winter drinks can safely devote a whole review, beautiful and pleasant to the touch plaids to give all friends for the New Year, and sweaters to collect, do not hesitate to spend money on them, because in our country the winter lasts long enough to make it the most popular sweater thing of the year. But here there is one question: which one? Monochrome sweaters with a high neck and herringbone pattern are probably already in your closet. And what if to set a goal to find in the assortment of democratic brands under the definitions of "sweater" or "jumper" something really original and unlike anything that we saw before? We set ourselves this goal,and the selection turned out for every taste - from “evening” jumpers on one shoulder and with an open back to sweaters with fashionable collars as a “free app”.

Zipper sweater

At first glance, you do not understand why a sweater needs lightning, if the purpose of this piece of clothing is to shelter from the cold and warm it? But if you think like a stylist, but also see how similar sweaters with cuts on the catwalks were shown, then it comes to mind that this sweater can also be worn as a cape.

Sweater with lightning Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Sweater with Zips (4 146 rub.)

Embroidered Sweater

This sweater reminded us of the first children's attempts to tie something pretty or even wearable under the control of the grandmother. Nothing good came of it then, but we are confident that the result looked creative, as did this “unfinished” sweater with a woolen thread.

Topshop embroidery sweater

Topshop Embroidery Sweater (£ 80)

Fur sweater

From a distance, this sweater resembles not even natural fur, but the soil of the tundra with grass growing between the stones. Designers of the Spanish brand would be worth praising for a non-trivial approach: the texture of the thing itself turned out to be original and unusual, and in the photo it looks soft and pleasant to the touch.

Sweater of fur Zara

Sweater of fur Zara (1 799 rubles at 50% discount)

One shoulder sweater

Who said sweater can't be sexy clothes? It is reasonable to even classify this model of fine knitwear with lurex as festive clothing, and wear it not with jeans, as in the photo, but with more vivid and solemn things, such as a skirt or shorts made of shiny fabric and metallic leather shoes.

One Shoulder Sweater Asos

One-shoulder sweater Asos (1 346 rubles at 30% discount)

Sweater with "collar" in the application

Chokers have become so fashionable that now they are made of virtually any available materials - laces, chains, straps, threads and ribbons. With this sweater, you will get two in one: the jumper with a funny option to unzip the elbows, plus a necklace in the form of a choker from exactly the same knitwear.

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