7 most incredible living beings with immunity to death. Yes, under these conditions, anyone would have dropped the skates!

All these living beings have known the secret, if not immortality, of longevity. They are able to survive in the most extreme conditions that would cause sudden death in less resistant organisms. There is a feeling that they are immune to death. To tell the truth, the appearance of many of them is disgusting. But looking at these almost immortal inhabitants of the planet Earth, you, in fact, will know the secret of eternity.

Dear reader, the team of information and entertainment online magazine Ofigenno.cc presents to your attention a selection of 7 most enduring creatures on Earth. Under the conditions in which these organisms live, anyone would throw off their skates! ..

1. Wood veta

At first glance it may seem like a giant grasshopper.In the blood of this insect contains a special protein, which prevents the coagulation of blood. That is why the tree veta is able to survive at the lowest temperatures. She hibernates. At the time of its internal organs cease to function. But once she wakes up, her body begins active work again.

2. Medusa Turritopsis nutricula

The only known immortal creature on planet Earth. After a period of puberty, this jellyfish returns to the initial stage of the polyp and starts maturing anew - and so on to infinity.

3. Vestimentifers

These two-meter creatures dwell on the seabed in the impenetrable darkness at a pressure of about 260 atmospheres and a water temperature of about +400 ° C. They have no intestines or mouth. These worms survive by symbiotic bacteria.

4. The Tihodka

This tiny living creature the size of only one and a half millimeters lives in reservoirs. It is also called the "water bear". The slug has a unique ability to adapt to different conditions. It can survive at temperatures as low as -100 and + 151 ° C, and is not at all afraid of radiation. She is also able to live in a vacuum and do without water for up to 10 years.

5. Fish Lang

Lang - one of the few living to our days of lungfish. This creature has something in common with both fish and amphibians. It has gills and lungs. During a drought, it usually buries itself in mud and hibernates.

6. The bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans

A bacterium that can withstand any lethal doses of radiation. Substances secreted by this bacterium can heal wounds. There are assumptions about the unearthly origin of Deinococcus radiodurans.

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