7 exercises that you can do right on the job

In the office, they are so overwhelmed with work that they do not have time to play sports? Time is, but the strength and desire to assemble and go to the gym there? But with this all the body just screams about the need for physical exertion? Do not worry!

There are wonderful exercises that do not require special simulators or equipment, as well as too much space. And many of them can be performed directly sitting at your desk. In addition, you will not even attract the special attention of your colleagues and other people who are around you.

1. Press sitting

In fact, the press can be pumped and sitting, not lying on the floor in the middle of the office. To do this, sit flat, straighten your back, strain the muscles of the buttocks, take a deep breath and sharply draw in the belly as you exhale. So repeat about 50 times. Breathing is unnecessary. It is the abdominal muscles that work, not the diaphragm.

Abdominal oblique muscles can be trained with side bends, also in a sitting position. To heighten the effect, arms should be folded into the back of the head, with elbows apart.

2Lifting the legs on a chair

And this exercise shakes the lower press, as well as the flexors of the hips. Sit exactly on the edge of the chair, put your hands on the chair a little behind you (you can stick to the seat) and lift up the bent legs. No need to press your knees to your chest to immediately attract everyone's attention. Legs do not rise high, but you need to do at least 20 times.

3. Rises on the socks

This is the ideal exercise to disperse the flow of blood through the vessels after a long sitting in one place without movement. It also works well on the work and tone of the calf muscles and helps to improve balance. Well, who would not want to boast of sexy, tanned calves on a high heel?

All you need to do is to stand behind the chair, holding your hands behind your back (or near the wall, holding on to it) and slowly raise yourself on your toes, then gently lower your heels to the floor. So repeat 10-20 times to start. Gradually, the load can be increased. As a matter of fact, this exercise can be done while sitting at a desk while working. It will be less effective, but it will also bring positive results without stagnating the blood.

4. Download the triceps

Another exercise that you can do while sitting at your desk will help strengthen your triceps. Generally, dumbbells are good for him. But they can be replaced with bottles of water or, for example, heavy books, or other heavy objects, which can be found on the table or in its boxes. In general, you can simply use the weight of your body, but at the same time keeping your hands in good tension.

Sitting on a chair, move the body as far forward as possible, the forearms parallel to the floor, arms vertically with the palms of the body. At the expense of once straighten your arms with weights, stretching them back, at the expense of two to return to its original position. Repeat 10-20 times. Imbalance of muscles leads to frequent pain in the hands and minor injuries, so you need to train not only the biceps, but also the triceps.

5. Seat against the wall

Sitting by the wall will help to tone the muscles of the legs and thighs, as well as make them stronger and stronger. At first it may seem unreal, but over time, practice will prove that it is not so, and every move will be made easier and simpler. This exercise is also good in that it gives you the opportunity to break away from the computer and get up from the chair, allowing your eyes and fifth point to rest.

So, in any office there are necessarily walls, four, at least. At least half of one of them should not be filled with furniture. It is necessary to approach this wall and imitate the seat on the chair next to it. To do this, press firmly against the wall with your back, and push your legs forward. Lowering the pelvis down along the wall, reach a sitting position: the back is even, legs bent at the knees at a right angle. Stay in this position as long as possible. Then get up and continue working.

6. Squats

Also a good reason to spend a little time off the computer. Squats improve mobility, increase balance and have a positive effect on the entire body, because they involve most of the muscles. Not only the muscles of the legs, calves, thighs and buttocks swing, but also the muscles of the back, abdominal and shoulder muscles, since all of them are involved in the process.

It is necessary to become exactly in a comfortable position, to put the legs at a comfortable width, then lower the pelvis downwards, giving the body a little forward to maintain balance. Imagine that you sit on a chair that is behind, do not push your knees forward, keep your legs as perpendicular to the floor as possible. The pelvis drops to the level of the knees.The trick is also to keep your back perfectly flat, do not bend it or bend forward.

If the office has a strict dress code, forcing to wear tight skirts to the knees, do not think that it will save you from doing the exercise. You can do mini squats, dropping the hips not below the knees, hold this position for a few seconds, and then rise.

7. Pushups from the wall

The last simple exercise, which can easily be performed in the office, acts on the muscles of the chest, back and shoulder, as well as triceps. Push-ups from the wall may not seem so complicated, but here too there are some rules and only the correct execution of the exercise can lead to the maximum result without any injuries.

So, stand facing the wall, put your palms on the wall at chest level, feet back up a bit, until the heels stop reaching the floor.

We carry out push-ups: inhale approaching the wall, exhale pushing off from it. Firstly, there should be a perfectly flat line from the top of your head to the heels: never push the fifth point back and push the pelvis forward. Perfectly smooth spine line! Secondly, in no case do not fix your elbows when straightening your hands, this can lead to injury.

Well, that's the whole complex of office exercises.They do not require much time, or special equipment, or even space. Everything is very simple and has several advantages: firstly, it provides the necessary physical exertion in the absence of the opportunity to visit the gym, secondly, it kneads the muscles of the whole body, who have been hacked from prolonged sitting at the table, and thirdly, it just makes it possible to distract and rest from work.

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