5 aromatic herbs for salad and tea

These perennial plants are easy to maintain and indispensable in cooking. Fresh leaves improve the taste of any dish, and from dried shoots an aromatic health tea is obtained.
Herbs for tea
Herbs for tea


The main value of this plant is mint essential oil, which contains 50-80% menthol. Leaves and inflorescences are rich in carotene, ascorbic acid, other vitamins and organic acids, tannins and phytoncides. Leaves and young shoots are added to salads, meat and vegetable dishes, used for pickling cucumbers, flavoring sauces, various beverages and confectionery. Dried mint is indispensable in tea.

Medicinal properties:�in the old medical manual it was said that "mint cools the mouth, but warms up the intestines." This plant has a sedative and local analgesic effect. Mint is used for colds, stomach disorders, liver and gallbladder diseases. Infusion of leaves (5 g per glass of water) will save from nausea.

Where to plant:�mint is photophilous, but tolerates light shading. It grows well on loose fertile soils.

When to plant:propagated by mint rhizome segments or rooted cuttings in April - May or in August.

Care:�top dressing of plants is carried out in the early spring and at the beginning of budding. Loosening the soil and watering - as needed. Mint thickets should be renewed every 3�4 years, as it is quite aggressive, it grows quickly, occupying a large place, and at the same time it stands up to badweeds.

How to dry plants

  • Gather shoots selectively at the beginning of mass flowering.
  • Cut off almost at the very ground.
  • They are held in the sun and then dried in the shade under a shed, in the attic or in a well-ventilated room.
  • �Drying is finished when the leaves begin to separate from the stems.
  • �Dried leaves are stored in tightly closed glass jars.

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