17 simple ideas that will help bring and maintain order in things

Each of us knows how difficult it is to maintain order in our own things. It is worth relaxing a little and in just a few days the house or workplace will plunge into real chaos. Preventing this, and combating it if the worst has already happened, will help a new small review, the author of which has gathered useful tips on maintaining order.

1. Bottle Organizer


Organizer for bottles from a stand for magazines.Organizer for bottles from a stand for magazines.

Bottles with water, drinks and sunflower oil will take up much less space if you store them not vertically, but horizontally in the magazine rack. By the way, this stand is also suitable for compact storage of cans with canned food.

2. Markers

Marking of lockers.Locker marking

Divide the items into groups and put them in separate lockers labeled with stickers with inscriptions or pictures corresponding to a certain group.Marking with a box will help you easily find the right thing, and after socks fold it into place. Such an idea of ​​storage will be especially relevant in the room of a child or teenager.

3. Hygiene supplies

Storage of bath accessories.Storage of bath accessories.

Most people keep hygiene products on the sides of the bath, which is quite inconvenient as they interfere with cleaning and often fall. Instead, shower gels, shampoos, balms, and washcloths can be stored in a suspended state on the shower curtain rail.

4. Planning cases

Organizer for business.Organizer for business.

To create a daily routine and to teach children to do it will help the original organizer with pictures and Velcro, which you can do with your own hands.

5. “Pocket” for a sponge

"Pocket" for a sponge from a bottle."Pocket" for a sponge from a bottle.

From an empty bottle of shampoo or gel, you can make a convenient holder for the sponge, sponge, ear buds or cotton pads, which can be hung on the tap or any other hook.

6. Headphone holder

Holder of clothespins for storage of headphones.Holder of clothespins for storage of headphones.

Headphones tend to constantly tangle and tear. To avoid breakdowns and extend the life of your favorite headphones, you need to treat them carefully, and store them carefully.Some kind of coil can be made from two clothespins, glued together. This holder can be carried in a purse or used at home.

7. Functional pieces of wood

Original hangers.Original hangers.

Several plates with ropes attached to the wall are perfect for storing ties, scarves, glasses, chargers and headphones.

8. Organizer for linen

Organizer for underwear.Organizer for underwear.

Several gift boxes of various sizes, fixed in a regular sliding cabinet, will help to divide it into sections, increase capacity and, finally, organize the storage of your underwear.

9. Keeping toys

Plastic containers for toys.Plastic containers for toys.

From conventional plastic toys you can make a huge rack for storing small toys, stationery and designer parts. This storage system does not require large investments and can be easily dismantled when the child outgrows the game.

10. Organizer for recipes

Mail storage and recipes.Mail storage and recipes.

Business cards, recipes, utility bills will be very convenient to store in a homemade rag organizer, mounted on the inside of the door of the kitchen cabinet.

11. Christmas toys

Container for Christmas tree toys.Container for Christmas tree toys.

Several rails will allow to turn an ordinary plastic basin into a container for storing Christmas-tree toys. At the bottom of such a container, various rains, garlands and shatterproof figures can be folded, and fragile toys made of glass and ceramics can be fixed on the races.

12. Fixing of an electric cord

Holder for the cord.Holder for the cord.

Double-sided tape and Velcro will allow you to forget about the problem of cords lying under your feet or stuck somewhere. Just stick one part of the adhesive tape to the electric plug, and the other directly to the electric device and always after use hang the cord in place.

13. Desktop organizer

Organizer for office supplies.Organizer for office supplies.

Simple, but very original and roomy desktop organizer for office supplies, which can be made from ordinary glass jars.

14. Small parts

Storage system for small parts.Storage system for small parts.

Nails, nuts, screws and other small parts that tend to fade and get lost can be stored in ordinary plastic bottles attached to one of the walls of the garage.

15. Newspapers and magazines

Organizer for the press.Organizer for the press.

Keep newspapers and magazines will be much more convenient and enjoyable in a charming organizer, made with his own hands of a wooden stick and dense matter.

16. Wires, cords and cables

Storing cords, wires and cables.Storing cords, wires and cables.

To avoid confusion and extend the life of chargers, adapters, USB cables, headphones and other wires without which life in the modern world is unthinkable, you need to store them carefully and carefully. To do this, you can sew a special organizer and fix it on the wall or wall of the table using a regular paper clip.

17. Order in the freezer

Food storage in the freezer.Food storage in the freezer.

Most freezers are a single space where all products are stored in bulk. Arrange the order, and sort the products in the freezer will help a few plastic containers.

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