16 small tricks for female beauty!

I advise you to take note, because some of these little tricks can make your life easier.

1. For even manicure

2. The idea of ​​invisibly fastening strands of hair

3. A little trick, fitting for volumetric tail

4. Turn eyeliner into gel eyeliner.

5. Use cold green tea bags to reduce swelling under the eyes.

6. With the help of eye shadow, you can thicken your hair (the color matches your hair)

7. Perfectly feline look

8. Great for days when you are not sleepy

9. Visually enlarge the lips

10. Hairstyle for 2 seconds

11. Creating the Illusion of Plumper Lips


13. Simple makeup

14. To create make-up smokey ice

15. Another way to the perfect feline look


Date: 09.10.2018, 12:40 / Views: 51351

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